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   Chapter 1338 Not Know How To Do

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Now Charles glared at him with sharp eyes, and he squirmed with embarrassment, not knowing how to deal with this situation. He was hoping that other people here could break the silence and move on to the next topic.

However, to his disappointment, everyone else had no intention of helping him out of it. They just stood aside and watched. They would by no means ruin this chance to see some fun.

But it surprised them that Charles didn't say anything more, but picked up the wine glass on the table and filled it with wine. Then with one gulp, he emptied the glass before slapping it down on the table.

"It's my bad. That's my apology." After saying that, Charles left the room immediately and didn't even bother to look back.

Everyone left at the room whispered to one another after Charles left. The man who had challenged Charles wiped the sweats off his forehead and sat down in fear. He collected himself for a while before joining the party again. From that moment on, he thought it was a bad idea challenging Charles like that and never in his entire life would he dare do that again.

The driver hadn't expected that Charles would come back so soon. But before he could even make a reaction or even greet him at that, Charles had opened the back door and got in.

"Mr. Lu?" The driver looked back at Charles who was tensely seated in the back seat and didn't know why he came back ahead of the schedule. Thus, he had no idea where he should go.

"Go home now," Charles said and closed his eyes to have some rest. He was so exhausted and he felt a little dizzy and had a headache after drinking the glass of wine all in one go.

On their way home, while the car moved steadily on the road, Charles' mind was occupied as to what might have happened way back home.

At the Dream Garden, where everything looked fine and calm at the outside, Melissa was still swearing at Sheryl and Leila joined her from time to time. She too was cursing and cussing at Sheryl whenever Melissa stopped. On the contrary, Sheryl kept her head down, making people feel curious about what she was thinking now.

"You little bitch. Stop seducing my son! I don't want to see you at my house. Leave now!" As Melissa shooed her away like she was a wild animal, Sher

s worthy as long as this family was at peace.

She loved Charles and strived to give Clark and Shirley a complete and happy family. She had to be strong so that she would be able to deal with Melissa and Leila and fight back when the time was right.

Looking at the sweet sleeping angelic faces of Clark and Shirley, Sheryl felt herself swell with courage and energy. She was willing to confront Melissa to safeguard the happiness of her family.

'Charles, don't let me down this time, ' Sheryl prayed silently. If Charles didn't understand or trust her when she was fighting for this family, what was the point of her efforts?

When tears were about to fall from her eyes, Sheryl looked back to the doorway when she heard a scurry of footsteps.

"Sher..." Charles said in a quivery voice, showing his worry and uneasiness as she felt sorry for his wife.

Not wanting him to look at her that way, Sheryl took on a cold expression at the sight of Charles. She stood up and walked past him, not saying anything.

Surprised by her aloofness, Charles followed Sheryl carefully. Sheryl's gloomy face showed the bad mood she was in now, and he didn't know how to start a conversation.

Determined not to talk to him, Sheryl made herself busy and paid no attention to Charles. She took some ice cubes, wrapped them inside a clean cloth and pressed it against her swollen face. Her face, as red and swollen as a ripe tomato, was painful.

The keen pain brought tears to Sheryl's eyes all of a sudden.

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