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   Chapter 1337 Put Sheryl On The Spot

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Noticing that Leila was on her side, Melissa became more impolite. She purposely knocked two dishes that were on the counter cooked by Sheryl. Clink! Clank! Upon hitting the floor, the platters broke into pieces, sounding like a strident alarm which made everyone in the living room feel nervous.

The dishes together with the shattered platters were scattered on the floor in a mess. Though the food looked rather sumptuous, and they looked fine and delicate just now, but they were mixed up on the floor, making people who set their eyes upon them lost their appetite.

"Sheryl, are you sure your dishes are not prepared for pigs? Cook for me again!" With a scolded expression on her face, Melissa commanded Sheryl carelessly and rolled her eyes at her.

Upon hearing this, Sheryl just frowned instead of hasting her way to do what she had just ordered her to do. Then she took her time and continued eating as if nothing had happened. It seemed that Melissa's words didn't work with her at all.

Seeing her reaction, Melissa had never expected that Sheryl would totally ignore her. She was completely irritated, and Sheryl hadn't noticed that she was having a hard time breathing.

Upon seeing Melissa's chest fluctuating violently, Leila stood up in haste and walked over to pat her back, trying to help her calm down. 'Sheryl looks sarcastic today. Why doesn't she just leave after being scolded by Melissa? Does she have any other intentions?' Leila frowned and thought in her mind.

Knowing her, Melissa believed Sheryl just embarrassed her on purpose. She wouldn't let that happen, and to gain her face back, she stared at Sheryl angrily and continued, "Sheryl, can't you hear me? Are you deaf?"

Echoing across the room, Melissa's voice was harsh in the open living room.

Still being relaxed, Sheryl answered without raising her head, "I heard you. So what?" From the way she answered her question, both Melissa and Leila could tell that she was out of patience.

Being discredited again, Melissa rushed to Sheryl and shoved the plate where she was eating. The plate went to the floor along with the food and condiments, shattered and scattered.


ng that there must be something happening at home, or Nancy wouldn't call him anxiously. 'Mom must have trouble with Sheryl again.' That was the only reason he could think of as it was the most probable thing to happen.

Deciding that he had to come home, Charles put the phone in his pocket and turned back to face his clients. He said to all his clients politely, "I'm afraid I have to leave now. There is something happened in my home, and I have to go back to handle it personally. Please continue to enjoy yourself with the food."

"Mr. Lu, You disappoint us. How can you leave before we finish our dinner? A family dispute is no big deal. It will be the same if you go back later."

Considering what his client implied, still Charles was worried and didn't want to waste his time anymore. "I'm really sorry. I have to leave now. It will be my treat next time."

However, a hand stopped him as he was about to leave. "Mr. Lu, you should drink three glasses of wine as a punishment, or we won't let you go."

Everyone could tell that Charles' face was all drawn with impatience. He pushed the hand away and walked forward. The man who stopped him felt threatened by Charles' strong character.

He made way for Charles as his hand started to sweat. He stopped and embarrassed him because he couldn't stand Charles' arrogance. But now, looking at Charles' sullen face, the man began to regret it and stopped at what he was about to do.

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