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   Chapter 1336 Making Things Hard For Her

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As a result, Nancy decided to shut her mouth and listen as Melissa continued with her complaints. "Aunt Melissa, please don't be mad with a servant," Leila interrupted. Melissa immediately stopped to hear her out. "Let me go to the kitchen and cook a new dish for you. All these dishes are too oily and are not good for your health." Leila turned to walk towards the kitchen but Melissa grabbed her hand to stop her.

"Leila, I appreciate what you're wanting to do. But you don't have to do that. It has been a while since my daughter-in-law prepared something for me. I would like to ask Sheryl to cook for me today instead."

Melissa turned to look at Sheryl coldly. Knowing that she wouldn't refuse her request, Melissa intentionally said that to exhaust Sheryl.

As a matter of fact, Melissa really didn't care about dinner. She just enjoyed bossing Sheryl around and finding ways to infuriate her because she wasn't the reactive type. Sheryl just remained silent and bore all her unfair treatments.

"Sheryl, would you like to cook for me tonight?" Melissa stared at Sheryl, waiting for her answer.

Her question not only surprised Sheryl, but also Nancy.

Everyone in the room knew that Melissa was stirring up trouble again.

At last, Nancy confirmed that both Melissa and Leila were finding excuses to make things hard for Sheryl. She felt enraged with Melissa and Leila, and sorry for Sheryl. Nancy stepped forward, wanting to argue with Melissa.

"Mrs. Lu…" Before Nancy could finish her words, Sheryl grabbed her hand and pulled her back. Nancy looked at her in confusion.

In turn, Sheryl gave Nancy a look. She shook her head, gesturing for Nancy to stay out of this fight.

"Nancy, can you help me take care of Clark and Shirley? They are very picky." Sheryl called out to Nancy. Seeing the anger in her face, Sheryl was worried that Nancy would be scolded by Melissa which could aggravate to a fight.

Sheryl could see the satisfaction in Melissa's and Leila's eyes and she knew that they were trying to get her into trouble. Still she calmed herself down and tried not to look affected. On the contrary, she was looking for a chance. She came up with a plan to mess with Melissa this afternoon and was wondering how she could carry it out. Now she found the perfect opportunity.

stood what Melissa meant, so she took a bite without saying a word. She tasted one dish after another.

Finishing her last bite, Sheryl lifted her head to look at Melissa and asked calmly, "Are we done now?"

"Fine," Melissa replied and started to get food with her chopsticks. But the next second, she spit it out to the trash can. She moaned. It was so loud that everyone in the room could hear her.

Sheryl smiled coldly. 'So this is your plan, ' she thought. Melissa was starting to play her tricks to embarrass her now.

"Sheryl, what are you thinking? This is so salty. How am I supposed to eat that? Did you do that on purpose to torture me? May I remind you that I am still recovering." Melissa's harsh voice echoed in the entire living room.

But Sheryl just glanced at her. She continued to have dinner, completely ignoring Melissa.

Sheryl's indifference pissed Melissa off.

Melissa tasted another dish. Without even chewing on it, she complained again, "And this is so plain. It tastes like nothing but water. Sheryl, why are you doing this to me? When Charles gets home, I like to ask him whether he has seen such an incompetent daughter-in-law like you!" Melissa commented, stressing on Charles' name.

"Sheryl, Aunt Melissa is your senior, how could you do such thing to her? She only wants a nice dinner. Why is it too hard for you to satisfy her?" Leila, sitting next to Melissa, crossed her arms in Melissa's defense. She seemed so angry that she almost pointed her finger at Sheryl to give her a lecture.

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