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   Chapter 1335 Fight Back

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"It's Charles' mother, Melissa. As you already know, she never likes me. Since we met, she has always been making it difficult for me. I compromise again and again to maintain the harmony between us, but she never stops. Now, she even lets Leila live in Dream Garden. Who knows what she is planning next? I really don't know what I have done wrong to make her hate me so much!"

Sheryl complained sulkily, looking upset. Isla looked at her frustrated face and couldn't help feeling sorry for her. She patted Sheryl's head, trying to comfort her.

"Sometimes I really feel exhausted with this life. I even start to doubt whether marrying Charles is a mistake or not. Should we divorce now and cut the loss in time?" Sheryl sounded rather indignant.

Isla looked at her with sympathetic eyes. She knew that Sheryl didn't really mean to divorce Charles. Her words were merely to vent out her anger. After all, she loved Charles so much, and she would never choose to leave him.

She could feel how sad and disappointed Sheryl was. Isla was also angry that she was treated wrongly. If this situation continued, Sheryl's wounds would only be deeper. It was heartbreaking to know that as long as Melissa was around, Sheryl had to tolerate this kind of life.

They must take actions to turn the tables around.

"Sheryl, in my opinion, they dare to bully you because you have been too kind and forgiving. You must be tough, and give them a warning so they won't think you're a pushover,"

Isla said in a serious tone as she touched Sheryl's shoulders.

Sheryl looked at Isla confused. "But what can I do? Nothing will change the fact that Melissa is Charles' mother. Even if she has already driven a wedge between me and Charles by framing me up, Charles will never forgive me if something bad happens to her."

Isla sighed. She thought that Sheryl was so simple and naive. How she wanted to wake her up and shake Charles off from her head. Sheryl needed someone to tell her that Charles wasn't the only thing to her, and she shouldn't compromise her life for him all the time.

"Hear me out, Sheryl. You don't need to do anything to Melissa. We need to think about another way to have her suffer," Isla suggested. "Since Leil

s," Sheryl smiled. She was a mother but she would never spoil her children. Moreover, Clark and Shirley were very independent and smart. She raised them to be independent at a young age, teaching them how to dress and eat on their own.

At that time, Melissa and Leila appeared from nowhere. They went down leisurely and came straight to the dining hall. Sheryl didn't feel like talking, so she just ignored them. She watched the kids with loving eyes as they started eating.

When Melissa saw that Sheryl dared to ignore her, she flared up immediately. Her face suddenly became sullen. She was about to reproach Sheryl for her impoliteness when Leila's loud voice broke the silence.

"Why are these dishes so oily? Aunt Melissa has just been discharged from the hospital. Don't you know that light diet is best for her recovery?" Leila creased her eyebrows as she checked out each of the dishes, deeply concerned.

As if on cue, Melissa took a glance at the dishes, and then echoed, "Exactly! I left the hospital not so long ago. How can you cook oily foods? Did you do this on purpose? Nancy, you are such a vicious woman! Was it Sheryl who asked you to do this? Tell me the truth, or I won't spare you!"

Melissa thought it a great chance to set up Sheryl again. So she connected it to her on purpose.

Nancy was totally confused by these accusations. All the dishes were as light as they could be. When Nancy was about to explain, Sheryl tugged at her sleeves to stop her.

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