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   Chapter 1333 Doctor Ricky Checked On Melissa

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Finally, Nancy broke the silence.

She asked, "Mr. Lu, the doctor is waiting for you downstairs. May I bring him up for you to see now?"

"Sure, you can go and bring him to us."

"Okay, great!"

Shortly after, Nancy returned with Ricky. Instead of putting down his medical kit first, Ricky walked over to Melissa briskly. He cast a courteous smile towards Melissa, which was just his way of showing his professional politeness. The doctor then started to size up her complexion.

"Doctor, can you please take a close look at my mother's physical health? She's been feeling rather uncomfortable these last couple of days. I hope you can find out what's wrong," Charles added.

"Okay, there's no need to be worried. I will give her a checkup."

After an unusually long while of waiting, Ricky finally finished his checkup. However, before he concluded her diagnosis, he hesitated to speak for a moment. In fact, he didn't find anything wrong with Melissa whatsoever. In his many years of medical experience, he found that Melissa was in a very good physical condition, but to his recollection, he remembered when he received the phone call from the Lu family, which was why he initially thought that he might have a tricky task.

Besides, while he was performing his check up on Melissa, she kept complaining about pain in many different parts of her body. Even until he finished checking her, she still looked as though she was sick, which had him worried.

Since Ricky always had a responsible attitude towards his profession, he decided to conduct a brief, yet effective full-body check yet again. Still, however, he failed to find anything wrong with her health. Melissa's body functioned as well as any other regular person.

Frowning, Ricky got frustrated and wondered, 'This is so weird. She looks well to me. Even her face is glowing brightly. She doesn't have any signs of illness whatsoever. Were my checkups incomplete? Did I miss anything?

No, that's not possible at all!' Ricky was 100% confident about his medical expertise. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have become famous enough to be hired as a private doctor by many blue-blooded families, particularly the Lu family.

Suddenly, a stupid thought flashed in his mind. 'Could it be that she is just pretending to be ill?' Ricky thought as he found it absurd to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, he still couldn't discourage himself from this crazy idea. Even though Melissa complained about her unbearable pains, he noticed that she wasn't really being specific about it at all.

Thus, with a suspicious look in his eyes, Ricky probed carefully, "Mrs. Lu, could you tell me when exactly the pain started to discomfort you? I need you to tell me exactly where you are experiencing pain. Can you be more specific?"

Hearing the doctor's question, Melissa got extremely alert. Suddenly, doubt filled her mind. 'What on earth is wrong now? Why is this doctor asking me these kinds of questions? He's even observing me strangely. How am I supposed to respond to his questions now?'

The more she thought about it, the more she tensed up at Ricky's questions. Finally, her mind went completely blank. Acting on reflex, she answered blandly without even thinking carefully, "Oh, regarding the time, I don't have any clue. It must have started just after lunchtime! Since then, I started to feel rather uncomfortable and then it proceeded to get worse and worse."

Melissa purposefully made her descriptions as ambiguous as possible, which aroused Ricky's suspicion even more. Still, even before he could get any hard evidence to prove his assumption, he didn't want to upset her by jumping to any bold conclusions. After al

ing. Making sure that no major problems occurred during the night, he exhaled a deep breath of relief.

Sheryl went to the children's room and woke Shirley and Clark up from their sound sleep with her gentle voice.

"Alright, my lovely babies, it's time to get up now. There is a wonderful breakfast waiting for you!" Sheryl cheered, as soon as she swung the door open.

Hearing their mom's announcement, both of them woke up and rubbed their beady eyes. Seeing them sit up slowly and awkwardly, she felt like they were two adorable-looking sheep. This left her heart-melting instantly on the spot.

"Good morning, Mom!" Shirley and Clark greeted their mother together. The two of them then rushed towards their mom. Shirley ran into Sheryl's arms and brushed against her with their tender red cheeks.

With a big smile, Sheryl caressed both of their heads and kissed them gently on their foreheads one by one. She then said, "You should get dressed! After breakfast, you will go to school as per usual, and meet your school friends!"

Shirley and Clark were both incredibly obedient children, so much so, that they acted quickly on their mother's words. Sheryl stood beside them and waited for them to dress themselves. However, she was ready to reach out whenever they might need help. After the twins got ready, Sheryl took them to go downstairs hand in hand, for breakfast.

"Good morning! Breakfast is ready now. You'd better get started before it gets cold," Nancy turned towards the children and greeted with delight.

"Okay, thanks, Nancy!" Sheryl appreciated.

Charles was ready at the table, too. However, he didn't raise his chopsticks to start eating yet, as he was patiently waiting for Melissa.

The kids were in big a hurry to get to school on time, hence why Sheryl didn't wait for Charles. She took a pair of chopsticks and began to feed her children. She thought that Melissa would come soon. However, to her amazement, even when the kids were finished eating, Melissa still hadn't shown up for breakfast.

Nevertheless, Charles still didn't eat breakfast. He decided to wait for Melissa. Observing his mom's illness last night, he couldn't possibly leave her alone.

Even though Sheryl observed Charles' intentions closely, she was focused on the kids. Before putting the kids in the driver's car, she didn't waste any time. Watching the car drive away in the distance, she returned back to the table and waited with Charles.

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