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   Chapter 1330 Let Her Move In

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"I can let Leila stay. However, if she makes trouble for me again, I won't make a compromise this time." Sheryl finally gave in to letting Leila stay. She was too exhausted and helpless to argue with Charles.

"Sher, thank you for your understanding." Charles kissed Sheryl on the lips.

Sheryl could smell Charles' cologne, fresh and sweet, like a clear spring in the mountain.

She closed her eyes and kissed him back. She let her guard down as she indulged herself in his kiss.

Both of their desires were like flowers blossoming at night, attractive and alluring.

Charles moved his hands from Sheryl's shoulders to her back. He tapped his fingers on her back and circled around. Then he slid down along her spine.

At his touch, Sheryl couldn't help but tremble. She bit her bottom lip and her face, pale and dazzling, showed red spots on her cheeks.

Charles started to breathe heavily. He lifted Sheryl and carried her towards the bed.

Soon, their clothes were on the floor. Charles kissed Sheryl restlessly, her forehead, her eyes, her ears...

Sheryl could hear Charles' breath, low and heavy, like the sound of a violin. She couldn't take her eyes off him since he, who was usually calm and strong all the time, blushed too. Something was burning inside her.

As Charles went down on Sheryl, she lost her breath. Her whole body couldn't help but shake. She was coming and a white light flashed over her eyes.

Charles held Sheryl's hands and bounced rhythmically. Sweat fell down from his forehead and dropped on his chest, making her want more.

His heavy breath and her sexy moaning filled the air. It sounded like a wonderful melody.

"Sher, I want you," Charles whispered in Sheryl's ears. His breath tickled her. She couldn't help but turn her head around.

Charles, however, grabbed her wrist tightly. He bent down and kissed her lips restlessly. Sheryl's eyes were filled with mist and her face blu

her jealousy because she knew that Melissa had made up her mind and no matter what she said, Melissa wouldn't change her mind.

What Melissa said next proved Leila's guess.

"If Charles is busy with his work, that's fine. Couldn't his mother just check on him? However, if he loses control again because of Sheryl, I have to go there and stop him."

By now, Nancy had put two cups of tea on the table in front of them. Nancy then walked away. Seeing Leila and Melissa whispering together, she knew that they were planning to do something bad to Sheryl.

Melissa felt thirsty as she talked too much. She took the tea cup and was going to take a sip. But the tea was so hot that her hand got burnt immediately. Melissa dropped the cup on the floor and it broke into pieces.

Melissa glared at Nancy. "Nancy, did you do that on purpose? Fine, then. Since you hate me this much, why don't you pack up your stuff and get the hell of my place?"

Nancy's eyes were filled with tears. She thought anyone could tell that the tea was hot since it was steaming, so she didn't remind Melissa to be careful. She didn't expect Melissa would lash out. Her sharp words were like a knife, piercing her heart into pieces. At this moment, Nancy had a strong impulse to pack up her luggage and leave.

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