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   Chapter 1326 Returning Home

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But it was insignificant, and Charles didn't want to correct her. He reached out to take Melissa's luggage and handed it to the driver who had been waiting by his side. The driver took it and put it in the trunk.

After the driver had finished loading everything in the trunk, he advised. "Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu, the car is ready." He then opened the door, making way for Melissa.

"Get in the car, Mom. Let's send Miss Zhang home first," Charles said.

Melissa halted mid-step.

"Charles, why are you still calling Leila Miss Zhang? Don't be so aloof to her. You can just call her by her name, Leila, like I do. We are not sending her home yet. We're inviting her to lunch at home. What's more, I need her to stay with me for a few days," Melissa said resolutely.

She patted the back of Leila's hand and added in a warm tone, "My stay in the hospital is such an unpleasant experience. Why don't you accompany me in Dream Garden for the next few days?"

"Mom, it's not proper to have Miss Zhang stay in our house. It will also be an inconvenience. You, of all people, should know that," Charles objected.

Sheryl and Leila had many conflicts before, and she hated Leila. If Leila was going to stay in Dream Garden, it would be difficult for Sheryl.

The last thing that Charles wanted to do was displease Sheryl. Even if she would take tough action against Leila's provocation, she would still feel hurt. Moreover, he couldn't let them end up with another fight.

Melissa's voice screeched, "What do you mean? Are you telling me that as long as Sheryl is there, I can't invite Leila to my home?"

Melissa looked at Charles with accusing sharp eyes. She aggressively waited for him to respond, ready to bombard him if he ended up saying "yes."

Charles creased his eyebrows. He then rubbed the forehead powerlessly.

"Mom, that is not what I meant. Don't misunderstand—" Before he could finish his sentence, Melissa interrupted him quickly.

"Then tell me what you meant! Charles, you are very much aware that I believe Sheryl is not good for you. She is a vicious woman, so you should divorce her as soon as possible. However, y

e deserving any man's love. I hope that your shining points can be appreciated by more people!" Melissa commented purposely, meaning for Charles to hear it.

Feeling tired of their poor performances, Charles turned a blind eye on them. He couldn't stand them anymore.

"It's time to go home. Sheryl has prepared a big meal to welcome you back, Mom," Charles advised as he asked both to get inside the car. The cigarette in his hand was now crumbed. He tossed it inside the rubbish bin before he got inside the car.

Melissa and Leila exchanged glances before they finally got in the car.

The atmosphere inside the car was a little strange.

Charles was sitting quietly in the front. Melissa and Leila, on the other hand, chatted every now and then. Leila would stare at Charles with loving eyes from time to time. It was dead obvious that she was obsessed with him. Melissa couldn't help grinning. She was thrilled at the thought of Charles and Leila being the perfect couple. Now she was even more convinced that she should bring them together.

"Leila, once we've reached Dream Garden, just feel at home. You are always welcome to stay!" Melissa wrapped Leila's hand with her own. She wanted to assure her that she had her support.

"Aunt Melissa, you don't need to worry about me. As long as you are there, I will consider it my home," Leila replied sincerely. She stared at Melissa with warm and innocent eyes.

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