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   Chapter 1325 Discharged From The Hospital

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When Holley was almost driven to the edge of collapsing, she heard a very slight sneer from Rex.

"You'd better not lie to me, or the consequence will be worse than you can imagine. Most importantly, don't do it again. You'd better remember that!" Rex posted his threat.

Holley nodded quickly as she replied submissively, "Yes, Mr. Hu. I will remember every word that you said." She still had a lingering fear after the narrow escape.

Rex looked at her frightened and coward face. He couldn't help feeling disgusted towards her. He always looked down upon such kind of woman, who was ambitious yet lacked the ability and courage to match it. Moreover, she chose a wrong path. Rex couldn't figure out why his son, Black, would take a fancy to her.

If he had known earlier what kind of woman Holley was, he would stop Black and give him a lesson in the first place. He would expose her in front of him. But now he knew that Black was already obsessed with her. There was nothing he could do to change his mind and break them apart. Black was always a stubborn boy, so he could only ask Holley to behave herself.

Rex opened the door of the villa and asked Holley to go inside.

"Miss Ye, you have to stay here tonight. I know it's not fancy enough for you, but you have no other choice. Tomorrow morning, someone will come to pick you up," Rex stated coldly. He didn't even wait for Holley to answer. Rex turned around and left.

The noise of the door shutting startled Holley. It immediately brought her back to her senses.

She wandered in the lonely lobby like a ghost, not knowing what to do next. Finally, she went towards the sofa and sat on it. She grabbed a pillow tightly in her arms, trying to get some comfort from it. Right now, it was the only thing that she could rely on.

It was getting darker outside. Soon, a fierce gale sprang up, with frightening thunder and lightning. The air felt thick and humid. It was going to rain soon.

Holley remembered her phone and took it out, only to find that there was no signal. A feeling of loneliness and helplessness swept over her all of a sudden.

What was worse, the lights in the villa started to flicker, and then they finally went out.

'It might be the bad weather that has caused the unstable electricity suppl

ceed with the discharge procedure together.

Charles went to the hospital to take Melissa home, and saw them go hand in hand, chatting and smiling like a happy mother and a daughter-in-law. It was a sweet picture but it hurt Charles. He couldn't help feeling that everything would've been better if only Sheryl and Melissa could get along well with each other like that.

Charles felt torn between the two women that he loved most in this world. Sometimes he really felt exhausted and perplexed. He couldn't figure out why his mother and Sheryl couldn't live in peace. In his mind, both were equally important. Choosing between them wouldn't be fair to him. However, it was impossible for the two of them to live a happy life together. They just couldn't get along.

Charles looked down and sighed. He hid all his emotions and walked towards Melissa and Leila.

"Mom, congratulations! You can finally leave the hospital. Let's go home." Then he turned to Leila and gave her a slight nod, saying politely, "Miss Zhang, I see you have recovered too. Congratulations."

Even though Charles' attitude was cold enough, especially comparing how he treated Melissa just now, Leila didn't mind. She felt rather happy that he finally spoke to her proactively. She blushed and lowered her head shyly.

"Thank you, Charles," Leila replied sweetly.

But Charles couldn't help creasing his eyebrows. He didn't think that he and Leila were close enough, and hearing her call him directly by his name made him feel uncomfortable.

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