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   Chapter 1324 The Photos

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Holley didn't expect that the driver would have answered her this way.

She gave the seat a hard punch, but could only feel more frustrated. The seat of the luxurious car felt soft like a cotton that she felt no pain. Her punch didn't even make a slightest sound.

The scenery outside was changing and everything seemed to be less familiar as they went. Fear started to creep into Holley.

She remembered the scenes she had seen in some horror movies and began to imagine things. She thought about the terrible kidnapping and even imagined someone being killed and abandoned in desolate mountain.

Holley couldn't help but tremble. After a while, she came back to her senses. 'Maybe I'm overthinking. If they really want to get rid of me, that will be a piece of cake. There's no need to go through all this, ' she thought.

Checking her watch from time to time, she was restless. After quite a while, the car finally slowed down and stopped.

Having been in the confined space for such a long time, Holley felt uneasy and depressed. It seemed that the atmosphere froze around her. So the moment that she felt the car stopped, she immediately pushed the door open and jumped out.

To her surprise, what she saw next scared her more.

In front of her was a detached villa in the middle of a suburb. Everything was still and quiet, except for the sound of some birds chirping and crickets crying.

Holley was taken back when she suddenly heard a loud bang. She immediately turned, only to find that the car she was riding earlier had now driven off.

She stood in silence. It was almost dark. She looked around but was unable to find anyone.

Holley was in panic and she instantly fell back. She had initially thought it was just a prank, but now she realized this was something serious. She immediately took her cell phone out and was about to call Black

nt of her. In the photos, she was being intimate with Alan in the Blue Bird Coffee. Some photos showed the two embracing and even kissing!

The photos took Holley by surprise. What she could do was beg for forgiveness. Just like an abandoned dog, she looked bedraggled and embarrassed.

"I know I was wrong. Please forgive me. I promise this won't happen again." Holley shook her head crazily.

Rex snorted. He looked at her like she was a dirty piece of garbage. He suddenly walked closer and crouched in front of her. He patted her on the face, creating a faint slapping sound as his hand touched her face. Holley was completely astonished.

"Mr. Hu, please listen to me. I was threatened by Alan, the man in the photos. But we don't have a deeper relationship. He threatened me with Tarsan Corporation's business, so I had to fake it. Please believe me. I would never lie to you."

Holley's tears continued to stream down her face and fall to the ground.

She raised her head and looked at Rex with begging eyes. "Alan intimidated me into being more intimate with him, but I never agreed. I promise!"

Holley looked sure, but Rex's face showed no change in emotions. Observing his expression, she couldn't tell if he believed her.

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