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   Chapter 1323 Escape

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"Do as you please." Alan sat back on his chair, allowing Holley to take the call.

"Hello. Make it quick. I'm busy right now," Holley said impatiently. Although she sounded a little bit rude, Alan still thought she was perfect in every way.

"Miss Ye, there is a document that needs your signature for confirmation. Could you please come back to the company right now? It's urgent." The secretary spoke loud as instructed.

"Can't it wait? Do you really need it now?" Holley took a quick glance at Alan, who remained quiet in his seat listening to the phone call.

"Yes, Miss Ye. Please come back as soon as possible." The secretary was still confused. Holley asked her to call and deliver that message. She was not in the position to ask for an explanation.

"All right. I'm going back right now." Holley immediately hung up. She looked worried and anxious after the phone conversation.

"Mr. Zhao, I'm so sorry. I'm afraid I have to owe you a rain check. As you heard, I have to go back to attend to a company emergency. Maybe next time?" Using her charm, Holley blinked her pleading eyes at Alan.

Alan couldn't help but feel annoyed by today's turn of events. His plan to spend the day with Holley was disturbed once again and he tried his best to suppress his dissatisfaction.

"Don't worry about it. Please go ahead with your business first. We'll go out again some other time." Grinding his teeth, Alan looked a little bit enraged as he replied.

"Again, my apologies. See you then." Without further ado, Holley grabbed her purse and immediately left Blue Bird Coffee.

Holley let out a huge sigh of relief as she stepped out of the cafe. Her plan was successful. She finally dumped Alan. She would be extremely suffocated if she continued to spend time with such a disgusting person.

While on the road, Holley planned on visiting Charles in the hospital later that day. The emergency was just an excuse. Work would definitely be a breeze.

The thought of seeing Charles made her heart race.

She hadn't seen him for a while so she wasn't sure how he was recovering. She wasn't us

spent the next few hours figuring things out but never found her answers.

Looking at her watch, Holley noted it was finally time to go. She had no choice but to come downstairs anxiously and fearfully, and to wait for someone to pick her up.

Soon, Holley saw a luxury commercial vehicle slowly approaching. Standing by the entrance, she was still wondering whether it would be one to pick her up. Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Miss Ye, the one I sent to pick you up has arrived. You can get in the car. Let me remind you one more time. Do not try to play any tricks with me." The voice over the phone sounded cold. Holley curled her lips slightly and walked towards the vehicle.

"Okay then. I'm on my way. Bye!" she almost shouted. Holley couldn't hold her temper anymore so she said "bye" rudely. She didn't care who it was over the phone. All she wanted was to vent her anger.

The man over the phone didn't care about her attitude. He simply hung up.

The drive went smoothly. Holley tried to communicate with the driver on their way. She wished to get some information to set her expectations. But she didn't expect that the driver would be as cold and hard as a clam shell. He refused to talk.

However, Holley didn't give up. "Could you tell me where we are going?"

Annoyed, the driver finally couldn't stand Holley's questions. He replied in a cold voice, "I have nothing to say."

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