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   Chapter 1322 Meeting With Alan

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"All right. Then let's meet at the Blue Bird Coffee tomorrow morning, at 10 a.m. How does it sound to you?" Holley asked.

"Okay. I'm looking forward to our meeting, Miss Ye. See you tomorrow," Alan replied.

"Goodbye, Mr. Zhao." Holley ended the call.

Holley found herself confounded that Alan could agree to meet her without qualms after being offended the last time. She initially thought that he must still be mad at her.

The next morning, after giving herself a final glimpse in the mirror, she headed out of her room. Soon after, she stood outside the glass door of the Blue Bird Coffee. Thanking herself for arriving way ahead of time, she took a step inside.

She wanted to be here earlier than Alan so she could choose a favorable window seat. She never wanted to be harassed again like what happened last time. Noting that the agreed venue was quite a busy place, she somehow felt assured that maybe he would not dare to do anything to her.

Finally settling herself down, she took out her phone to check the time. It was already 10 o'clock, but Alan was still nowhere to be seen. It worried her as she contemplated in silence.

It was exactly 10 minutes when the door of the Blue Bird Coffee was suddenly pushed open. Alan came into view as he silently swept his gaze across the room. A small grin crept into his lips when his gaze fell on Holley, who was sitting by the window. Then he purposely made his way towards her.

As soon as he took his seat, he smiled widely and stared at Holley with his bedroom eyes.

"Miss Ye, I'm sorry for being late," he apologized insincerely. With his eyes fixing on Holley's plump breasts, he was indeed not sorry at all.

"Never mind. I have just arrived here not long ago. What do you want to drink, Mr. Zhao?" Holley handed him the menu.

After both of them placing their orders, Holley proactively brought up their unpleasant meeting last time.

"Mr. Zhao, I'm sorry for what happened last time in the hotel. I know I was very irrational at that time. I was afraid that Rachel wanted to create trouble for me, so I rushed to leave. She is such a crazy woman, which was why I behaved so impolite and anxious. I know that I offended you, but I didn't mean it, seriously! I'm so sorry about that!"

Holley maintained eye contact with Alan, seemingly like she was saying that from the bottom of her heart. She knew that she was always a g

easily, Alan couldn't help thinking that she was indeed a cheap woman. He pulled her into his arms and fumbled around her body with the other hand. He was getting more excited as they were in a public place now, with a lot of people coming and going.

"Mr. Zhao, there are so many people watching us. Please let go of me first," Holley said softly.

"Miss Ye, are you afraid of being watched by them?" Alan quickly leaned towards her and took a breath near her neck. Then he kissed her on her lips, amused by her embarrassed expression as she was both afraid and unwilling.

However, just a few hundred meters away from the coffee shop, a camera had already filmed the intimate behavior of Holley and Alan. And simultaneously the film was being transferred to another place.

The photographer was, of course, sent by Rex. Holley didn't know that Rex had seen her through so soon.

Holley was fully aware that Alan wouldn't let her go today until he got his way with her. Finding an excuse of heading to the restroom, she immediately texted a message to her secretary to let her call her within five minutes. She would answer the call in front of Alan and told him that there was something urgent to deal with in the Tarsan Corporation.

After fixing herself in the restroom, she returned to the lobby. She wore a beautiful smile and sauntered towards Alan.

"Mr. Zhao, do you need something else? I notice that you barely drink your coffee. You don't like it? " Holley asked.

"Yes, I like it. It is just that you, my beautiful lady, distract my attention," Alan countered beaming at her.

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