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   Chapter 1321 Three Days

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"It was a client who asked me to have a dinner with him and I refused. I'm so tired of dealing with clients like that," Holley complained. Walking toward Black, she took the dry towel from his hand and helped him dry his hair.

Hearing Holley's response, Black resolved his doubts. He couldn't help but laugh at himself, 'Why was I so paranoid? I should trust Holley.'

Holley ran her fingers though his hair, and her soft touch relaxed him. Black felt his heart quicken. Restless, he gently grabbed her hand.

Staring into Holley's beautiful eyes, Black said from the bottom of his heart, "Holley, I want to marry you as soon as possible. I can't wait any longer. I don't want you to have to work so hard every day and I don't want you to be troubled by the daily tasks of your company. When you become my wife, I'll work and you will stay home and enjoy a happy life."

Holley feigned a frown in response, pretending that she felt tired and exhausted from work, just like Black had said.

"I also can't wait to marry you. I would love to stay home and relax, away from my company. But most of my clients have put their trust in me and depend on me. I have to be responsible for them, instead of walking away. I can't let them down!" Holley sighed as she rested her head on Black's shoulder.

Despite her reasonable explanation, Black found it hard to believe it. He cared about her and knew what she was really thinking. From the day they first met, he knew Holley was an ambitious woman and full of tricks. To fulfill her purpose, Black knew she would be willing to do anything. Back then, to undermine Rachel's power, Holley had even secretly enticed other company shareholders to support her. As Black had gotten to know Holley more and more, he had become familiar with her.

So from his understanding, what Holley had just told him was not true. It was just an excuse. Holley must have thought it was too early to get married. She would lose her power and position in Tarsan Corporation.

Black pondered, 'I can't let her bury herself in the business of her company every day. I have to figure out a way to persuade her to leave, so that she can concentrate on our future life together. She doesn't need to be excellent in the workplace; she just needs to be my wife!'

Black decided not to ask Holley again. Instead, he would focus on their current time together. Bla

r tone. After a long pause, he replied cautiously, "For the time being, we still haven't found any leads, but we're getting very close. We'll do our best to speed up the investigation. Please give us a little more time."

When she heard that there was in fact no good news at all, a wave of anger rose up within her. However, she managed to suppress it after taking a deep breath.

Then, she said calmly, "Three days. I will give you three days! If I have not seen any progress after three days, you will return my advance payment." Holley made herself very clear that this was his last chance.

"Okay… Of course," the detective stammered, as if at a loss for words.

Hanging up the phone, Holley felt uneasy. She couldn't help but wonder who on earth was investigating her. 'Whoever is doing this must have bad intentions! I have to find out, with or without help!' she whispered to herself.

As she reflected on who it could be, she immediately eliminated the possibility of Rex and his son. She hadn't visited Rex, yet he started investigating her.

Holley picked up her phone again and made a call.

"Hello, Mr. Zhao. This is Holley. I was wondering if you'd be available tomorrow," Holley asked cheerfully, her voice sounding soft and sweet.

"Of course! Whenever you're available, I will be too,"

Alan replied in a similar tone. But in his mind, he thought, 'I was looking for you. We have unfinished business, and now you're coming to me voluntarily. How lucky for me! I will make you pay for what you've done to me!' Alan couldn't help smiling with anticipation.

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