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   Chapter 1320 Secret Investigation

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The episode of meeting Alan was not taken seriously by Black and Holley. A moment after Alan left, they had their attention back to dinner.

After carefully cutting the steak on his plate, Black put it in front of Holley intimately in exchange for her steak which had not been cut. Whenever he did these trivial things, he lowered his head silently, making everyone around him feel at ease.

Even if Holley didn't really love him, she thought that Black was really charming.

"Thank you. The steak here really tastes good. You should eat more, Black," Holley said. She couldn't help but comment after watching Black help her cut the steak and pour the red wine.

Black silently looked at Holley. Under the light of the restaurant, her face appeared softer as some loose hair gently fell at her temples.

Reaching from across the table, Black couldn't help but gently tuck Holley's hair behind her ear. Electricity seemed to zap him in shock when his finger touched her earlobe carelessly, the current directly flowing to his heart. After his finger left her hair, he felt his heart gently sighed, regretting that only a trace of residual warmth remained at his fingertip.

Black felt like he needed to breathe. He reached for his wine glass and shook the liquor in it gently before he took a sip, a trace of hazy drunkenness in his eyes. Staring back at Holley, he could feel a certain force asking him to touch her face.

When she turned her head to look at him with confusion, he couldn't help but hold her gently and print a kiss full of sweet wine on her lips.

Holley blushed shyly and pushed Black back to his seat. Although she was satisfied with Black's infatuation with her, public display of affection was never her thing.

"Oh, you haven't told me what your father likes. Tell me. So when I come to visit him, I'll make preparations in advance," Holley said, hoping to change their focus to something else.

"My dad likes tea. You can bring him some tea next time," Black advised. "He will like you. Don't worry," he then assured her.

Tonight, Holley not only introduced him to others, but also took the initiative to mention going to visit his father. These made Black feel very happy and reassured. Any last doubt and susp

cted her thoughts. Black's performance these days didn't show that he still doubted her.

'Could it be Rex?' Black just told his father that he was in a relationship with her. Why did he act so fast to investigate her?

Holley was in a state of perplexity at that moment. A lot of things were running on her head.

"Do you know who is investigating me secretly?" Holley finally asked the private detective after she snapped back to reality.

"Right now, we don't know who that is yet. As soon as we find out, we'll tell you," the private detective answered.

Holley wanted to ask a few more questions. However, she heard Black suddenly speak from behind her. Shocked, she immediately hung up the phone.

"Holley, what are you doing on the balcony? It's cold outside. Come inside," Black said after finishing the shower. Black wiped his hair as he walked towards Holley. But he didn't expect to see her hang up the phone in panic. He immediately became suspicious.

Holley turned around, but she couldn't hide the trace of panic that registered on her face. She smiled unnaturally and explained, "It's a little hot inside, so I came out and answered the phone." Walking towards Black, she offered, "Here, let me help you wipe your hair."

Black was keenly aware that something was wrong. Holley looked more than surprised to see him. He asked, "Who were you talking to just now? Who?" Black stared Holley in the eye looking for the answer, hoping he could directly see through her heart.

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