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   Chapter 1318 Greater Danger

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Holley arrived at the conference room ahead of time. Soon, the other shareholders arrived one after the other, Black included.

Holley began her statement first. "Okay, everyone. Let's get the ball rolling. We'll start the meeting. All shareholders sitting here can speak freely. Of course, it is better to speak one at a time instead of talking over each other." And then she turned her head to one shareholder next to her and said, "Mr. Liu, please. You may start." As soon as Holley finished talking, a commotion broke out in the conference room.

Looking around the conference room and glancing at everyone, Holley found that these shareholders all held a stirring look. Deep inside, she couldn't help but sneer and began to look forward to their performance after hearing Black's speech.

"Now that Miss Ye has asked me to start, I'll go straight to the point. I, as well as the other shareholders gathered here, all agree that you are no longer suitable to be the general manager of Tarsan Corporation." Mr. Liu paused, as if he was trying to organize his thoughts.

And then he continued, "First of all, Tarsan Corporation's performance has not significantly increased since you were appointed, which indicates that you may have some shortcomings in your ability to lead the company. Second, there has been a lot of rumors recently on how you are seducing other businessmen for profit, which has greatly damaged our company's image and interests. And last but not the least, we all have seen your performance since you came to our company. You are often absent from work without any valid reason. I don't think that should be a company leader's performance."

Finishing his words, Mr. Liu didn't wait for Holley to speak as he went directly back to his seat. His arrogant face was full of triumph, as if he had seen Holley's embarrassing ending.

As soon as Holley let other shareholders to make a speech, each of them expressed that Mr. Liu's speech could represent them and there was no need to repeat their statements. They let Holley to just go to the voting stage.

"Well, since you have nothing more to say, let me say something." Holley stood up from her seat and put her hands on the conference table. Her pushy look made others dare not look at her directly. The shareholders avoided he

y already had some guesses about the results of the meeting from those shareholders' expressions. But they still did not understand how Holley had won so many votes.

Shortly afterwards, an employee got the first-hand information. It was said that Black merged with his father's shares to keep Holley's position as general manager.

Some young girls began to be excited. It was just as romantic as a plot in a TV series. Black, a handsome CEO, saved the woman he loved from her predicament.

So these employees came together in groups to discuss fiercely the story of Holley and Black. After all, in these young girls' eyes, Black was a wealthy and handsome businessman. Now it seemed that he was also affectionate. Black's image in these girls' heart grew taller in an instant. At this moment, these girls completely forgot that a fierce meeting ended just now.

"Wow, I envy Miss Ye very much!" one of the girls commented. "Mr. Hu is a formidable bachelor and his eyes are on her. She is so lucky!"

"Yes, so many shareholders have been defeated by Mr. Hu. Now I worship him very much."

"From now on, every time Mr. Hu passes by me, my heart will beat faster. He's so charming."

The company was full of discussion. Black suddenly became the most famous and distinguished shareholder in Tarsan Corporation.

Although the storm passed smoothly this time, Holley still felt deep uneasiness. She knew that the people who spread those rumors behind her was like a time bomb, which might burst into greater danger at any time.

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