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   Chapter 1316 Ask Someone For Help

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What was worse, other shareholders of the company flocked into Holley's office to criticize and accuse her. She felt frustrated by all the strange eyes and harsh words that were directed at her.

"Miss Ye, you must have already heard some rumors about you in our company. We think that what you have done has spoiled the reputation of Tarsan Corporation. You are no longer fit to sit in the position of general manager at all," one of the shareholders demanded.

"That's right, Miss Ye. If you know what's best for you, you'd better take the initiative to give up your position as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will drag yourself with embarrassment. We accept that you may have no respect for yourself to be doing such inappropriate things, but we won't allow you to damage the image of Tarsan Corporation nor affect the other shareholders' interest." The other shareholders all nodded in agreement.

Holley was shocked and startled. She remained speechless in response to these malicious persecutions at that moment.

She could only keep apologizing and begging them to give her a little time to make a decision.

"I'm so sorry. But these rumors are all fake slanders. I will have this fully investigated to resolve this matter as soon as possible. I hope you will give me another chance. I will give you and Tarsan Corporation a satisfactory answer." Looking around at every shareholder in the room, Holley assured them in a firm tone. But in reality, her heart was full of fear and in panic.

It didn't take long before the rumors had reached Black. He also knew that the other shareholders joined forces to press on Holley. This made him really angry. He thought, 'These old men are so shameless that they worked together to bully Holley, a weak woman.'

The office was gloomy when Black arrived Tarsan Corporation. Holley's sad and anxious face welcomed him as soon as he entered her office.

In fact, Black did not believe the so-called rumors at all. Holley was too beautiful and perfect in his eyes, and she couldn't be tainted. How could such a perfect lady do such a dirty deed for the sake of interests?

Someone must have designed a false accusation to Holley! He was almost sure of it.

"Holley, are you all right?" Bla

you were too busy with those things in the company."

Black grinned and leaned on his father. "How could that be? I'm home now, right? I especially come home to accompany you, Dad," he stressed out.

Black always saw his father as a teacher or a friend. Rex had only one child. He had taught him how to run the business at a very young age and then handed over all his industries to him when the right time came. Therefore, their relationship was always good and peaceful.

"You're just talking nonsense. I'm your father. Do you think I don't know you? Come on, tell me. What do you want from your old man this time?" Seeing his son's abnormal appearance today, Rex knew Black must have something to ask from him.

"Dad, you really are smart," he complimented him with a smile. "I actually have one thing to ask from you today." Black felt a little embarrassed when his father knew his real intention at a glance.

"Okay, spill it. Then I'll think about it." Rex really loved his only son. He always made sure to meet his requirements as long as they were not excessive.

Black took his chance. "Dad, I heard that you bought thirty-five percent shares of Tarsan Corporation before, which now makes you one of its major shareholders. Have you heard about the rumors in Tarsan Corporation these days? Holley, their general manager, has been slandered with ulterior motive. And now she is being forced to give up her position by the other shareholders." Black explained everything to Rex.

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