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   Chapter 1313 Stop

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Cassie couldn't remember how many times the busy tone had rang on her ear while she tried to call Nick. If she hadn't saved it under his name on her contact list, she would have suspected she had dialed the wrong number all this time. She tried one more time, and the same busy tone buzzed in her ear.

'Is Nick probably on a business trip abroad? Or is he just stuck in a business meeting out of the city? Why is he not answering his phone? He couldn't be that busy. What is going on with you, Nick?'

Every day that Cassie couldn't get a hold of Nick, these questions kept bugging her. The nights were even worse. She ended up tossing and turning in bed, sleepless until it was time to get up again. His absence was mainly affecting her work focus. If she only had the courage, she would have left the work in the hospital and searched for Nick desperately.

But leaving was one thing, and finding him was another. She was clueless on where she would start looking. 'His office perhaps?' she thought. 'Or maybe his house?'

Cassie laughed at herself for overthinking. She had a feeling that even if she really went and found Nick, he might still avoid her.

"Hey!" The patient's annoyed voice snapped her back to reality. Apparently, Cassie injected her at the wrong place. "Oh my!" she gasped, shocked and quickly injected her at the right place. "I'm really sorry, ma'am," she apologized after it had been done. However, the annoyed patient started cursing, "Damn! You better be sorry! I would rather have another nurse attend to me when I end up sick again."

Cassie kept apologizing, but the middle-aged patient just didn't let her go. She held onto Cassie's arm and started to threaten her, "Take me to your director. I would like to speak with her about what you just did. Such irresponsibility needs to be reprimanded."

Panic washed over Cassie's face. The head nurse had already given her a verbal warning for her poor job performance these past few days. If this patient really reported her to the head nurse, she would be in trouble and get fired.

At the thought of that, Cassie threw off the woman's hand and blocked her. "Wait!" she exclaimed.

The woman was suddenly taken aback but after she regained her composure, she got

o step up for Cassie.

Jordan smiled, waved at Cassie and said, "Cassie, come here."

Cassie felt confused, but when she heard him call out to her, she felt relieved and quickly walked towards Jordan.

"Ma'am, let me introduce to you, Cassie. She is my friend." Jordan paused for a second on purpose before he told the woman that Cassie was his friend.

The woman was quite clever and she understood Jordan's implied meaning immediately. She looked at Cassie, smiled and applauded, "Mr. Li, Cassie is so beautiful and smart. You see, there are so many nurses in this hospital, but I only come to her. Well, it was just a misunderstanding. I'm so sorry for that. There had been a mix-up."

Cassie admired the patient's flexibility. In spite of her shock, she forced a smile and apologized again, "Ma'am, it's my fault. I was careless just now."

"Well, ma'am, if Cassie did anything wrong, please accept her apology. I've known your husband for years. So if you can forgive Cassie, I will owe your husband a favor and I'll buy him drinks next time," Jordan said, significantly.

"What's done is done. Don't worry about it. Cassie, come to my home with Mr. Li when you have time. I really have to go now. Bye!" Hearing Jordan's words, the woman knew clearly what she should say and do. After saying so, she dared not stay and just left. 'I let Cassie go because of Jordan. Now that he owes me, he will help my husband when he could, ' she thought to herself. Anyway, she would lose nothing.

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