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   Chapter 1311 At A Loss

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What should she say? Should she deny ever hitting Leila? Or that she was beyond happy to have gotten his call? Or should she beg him to believe her?

Still speechless, Sheryl was at a loss. As she raised her head to meet Charles' eyes, a disheartened feeling came over her. Suddenly, any desire to speak for herself disappeared—it all seemed pointless because Charles no longer trusted her. A bitter smile crept up Sheryl's face.

Seeing the disappointment clear in his eyes, she still remained silent. Perhaps he had already confirmed her guilt. The thought made her turn ghastly pale, and her eyes dimmed.

The man in front of her didn't think she would respond with such silence. Was it only because she couldn't come up with any excuses?

Even Charles had to admit that he was thoroughly disappointed in her.

As the thought sank in, Charles' face fell, and his eyes seemed to be soaked in cold frost, void of any warmth.

"You should go back, now." At that moment, Charles didn't know what to say either. All he knew was that he wanted her to walk away.

"Wait." Just as Sheryl was about to step back in defeat, Melissa spoke.

"Charles, now you've seen the kind of evil Sheryl is. Are you sure you still want to stay with such a woman? There are too many good women in this world for you. Don't allow yourself to be cheated by this witch."

Melissa's hate for her was truly endless. In spite of everything, Charles wanted his mother to stop with the hateful words. Even though Sheryl wasn't as kind-hearted as he imagined, he still loved her dearly, despite all her shortcomings—Charles still never thought of parting from her.

With all that has happened, Sheryl stood petrified by Melissa's words. Subconsciously, her head turned Charles' way, as the fear that he would agree with his mother set in.

Her legs seemed to turn wobbly and her chest felt faint. No matter how difficult things turned out, never did she think that there would come a time where she had to leave Charles—he was a light in her heart. No matter how dim the light turned, she swore she would follow it and go on with courage.

If a day came when Charles no longer loved her and decided to leave, her world would turn completely black. Would she be able to move on in the unforgiving darkne

ny feelings for her anymore one day, what would she do with herself?

"Really, now? You were at work? Weren't you on a date?" On the other end of the line, Black's face was ice-cold as he calmly spewed rather hateful words.

The cold sweat setting in, Holley felt guilt, panic, and anxiousness creep up her spine.

Trying to sound casual, she laughed before speaking. "You think too much. How is that possible? You have my heart, Black. I have no interest in dating anybody else. I've just been so busy at the company these days. I'll see you as soon as I can, okay? Don't be angry, darling."

"I want to see you tomorrow. I'll visit your office tomorrow morning." Without another word, Black hung up. It was the only way he could control his anger.

True enough, Black gripped his phone so tight and with so much strength that it could've just burst into pieces right then and there.

Holley couldn't deny that Black was using a strange tone over the phone. Could he have known something? Still, Holley shook away the thought. Nothing must have been wrong because he ended the call peacefully. Perhaps he had just truly missed her and had little words after not seeing her in so long.

After sighing in relief, Holley laughed at herself for over analyzing the situation.

The next day

At the office, Holley finally received the notice. "Miss Ye, Mr. Hu is in the building and wants to come up to see you now." The receptionist asked for her permission. "I know. Send him up here."

It was time to face him.

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