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   Chapter 1310 The Wicked Are First To Complain

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"Don't fight anymore. It's not good for both of you to hurt anyone. Calm down! " People around Sheryl and Melissa kept urging Melissa to calm down. They seemed to look overly concerned.

"Try to talk things out. Maybe there is a misunderstanding between you two, and this will never be sorted out by acting violently. Put down your crutch first, okay?"

However, Melissa was so immersed in hitting Sheryl that all those persuasions fell in deaf ears. She didn't stop even for a minute and continued being aggressive towards Sheryl. So people around her, who could no longer stand her violence, could only forcibly grab her hand and threw away the crutch she was waving.

Sheryl gratefully took this moment to rush out of the crowd and left the hospital quickly. Relief washed over her as she was thankful for those people who tried to stop Melissa.

As soon as she headed out, all the strength she used as disguise slowly withered away. Her once firm resolve to being strong immediately collapsed, and soon after she could feel the dull ache emanating on her body. Looking down on her arms, she finally noticed the injuries she sustained. She stared on it blankly, and without knowing it, tears welled up and flowed down her cheeks. She felt nothing but grievance and resentment in her heart.

Squatting on the ground helplessly, she was unable to restrain herself from despair anymore. How she wished that Charles could accompany her now, give her a big hug, and wipe away her tears gently! She longed for that precious moment again where she would feel comforted and safe even if he was silent, not uttering a word, but just quietly accompanied her and stayed with her.

For a brief moment, as she closed her eyes, numerous heartwarming scenes played vividly in her mind. She saw Charles coaxing her with a sweet, comforting kiss after she shared with him her heartaches. And then Charles would hug her tightly after seeing her injured arms, saying that he would never let anyone hurt her again.

She held on to this imagination desperately so she couldn't be too sad. She missed him so badly that she was breaking apart!

The bitter truth was that Charles was not beside her. He would not be her safe haven.

Melissa, on the other hand, was so angry and annoyed after Sh

d hit Leila." Although Melissa's words were directly aimed at Charles, her eyes were staring at Sheryl.

Things indeed developed as Sheryl guessed it. Although having known Melissa would defame her, Sheryl still felt cold and melancholy at this bitter-sweet moment.

She thought that even if the whole world betrayed her, Charles, the one she loved the most, would believe and protect her. But Charles let her down again and again. She sadly realized that there was no longer trust between them.

If Charles still loved and believed her, he definitely would not choose to call her here and make her embarrassed. Sheryl couldn't describe how she was feeling at this awful moment. She stood rooted in the center of the ward, waiting for Charles to open his mouth, just like waiting for the final verdict.

Charles didn't even dare to look at Sher directly. A few minutes later, he finally opened his mouth.

"Sher, Mom said you had hit Leila and scolded her. Is that right?" Charles was expecting Sheryl to deny it. He silently hoped she would. As long as she said she did not do these things, he would choose to believe her.

But at the moment Charles probed her, her final strand of hope collapsed. Her heart was shattered into pieces.

How cold! Sheryl thought, 'Why do I feel so cold now?'

She could sense that she was so cold that she even forgot the pain on her arms, that she just wanted to shrink herself in a small corner, and that it seemed as if the wind from all over the world had blown upon her.

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