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   Chapter 1309 Get Physical

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A vicious look from Leila to Nancy, a worried look from Nancy to Sheryl, an approving look from Sheryl to Nancy... Anyone who would suddenly arrive would see this kind of scenario at the moment. The moment Nancy saw the look from Sheryl, she let Leila go and headed downstairs.

"What a vicious woman you are, Sheryl! You don't deserve Charles. You know just what kind of person you are, and you already proved that today. So, I suggest you leave now." Staring coldly at Sheryl, Leila looked like a serpent fixating at its prey.

And, Sheryl was very cool and casual. "Is that so? If I don't deserve Charles, who does? You?" Sheryl asked with a hint of sarcasm proving that she didn't see Leila a serious threat at all.

"Of course, I am! I am far better than you. More importantly, I love Charles more than you do. You can't make him happy. You even hurt his family and career. Therefore, you don't deserve him." Leila ranted on and on. With her haughty manner, she firmly believed she was way better than Sheryl.

"Who are you to judge me?! Between the two of us, YOU are nothing. You're the garbage Charles threw away years ago. Hmmm... Now I wonder if that's what makes you so proud... I mean being a garbage." Sheryl thought that Leila deserved a dose of her own medicine.

"Shut up!" Leila screamed, raging with fury, upon hearing her poisonous remark. With an intent to get back at Sheryl, she lifted her hand to slap her.

Though Sheryl didn't really expect Leila to get physical with her, she was ready with anything. So when she saw Leila lift her hand, she simply took a few steps back to avoid being hit.

Her actions made Leila angrier. The next thing happened so fast! Leila jumped on her like a psychopath.

It was a good thing her instincts moved her to take steps sideward, or else, she would find herself underneath the raging Leila.

With a loud thud, Leila's head bashed against the closet and she fell on the floor.

Leila was shocked! She couldn't stop herself anymore when she saw the closet in front of her after Sheryl stepped out of the way. A few seconds after, she felt something oozing out from her head and trickling down her face. She touched her face and felt something sticky. When she looked at her fingers,

a didn't like her and targeted and blamed her for everything.

When Melissa saw how ugly the wound on Leila's forehead was, she got more agitated. Her resentment towards Sheryl grew deeper.

"I am telling you again, Sheryl. I don't like a vicious daughter-in-law like you. The divorce is just around the corner. Anytime soon, the papers will be delivered to your doorstep!" With face red, Melissa spoke while pointing at Sheryl's face all the time. Meanwhile, Leila just remained seated and watched, smiling victoriously.

"Mom! I didn't do anything! Leila hurt herself!" Sheryl retorted while slapping the hand pointing at her face away. She couldn't control what she felt anymore.

"How dare you?!" Melissa was so angry that she lifted her crutch to hit her.

Sheryl tried to dodge the attack, but failed. She took the hit pretty hard. There was just so many people around, and she didn't want innocent people to get hurt. She stood her ground, clenched her teeth and took all the hits. Everybody could hear the sound of the crutch on her body.

Seeing what happened to Sheryl, Leila almost laughed out loud. She tried her best to suppress her laughter. No one under such circumstances should see her laughing.

The doctor and the hospital staff didn't expect Melissa to beat Sheryl in public. Some of them tried to pull Melissa away, while others went to Sheryl to save her from further beating. The rest of the crowd, not part of the staff, took out their phones and recorded the scene.

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