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   Chapter 1308 Don't Worry About Me

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"What? Why can't I remember that?" Cora asked playfully. She feigned innocence with her question as she joked with Jordan on purpose.

However, Jordan felt anxious. Did his sister forget to ask?

"I told you to ask Cassie if she has a boyfriend. Did you forget that?" Jordan asked. Nervousness coursed through him that he even stopped eating, and stared wide-eyed at Cora as he waited for her answer.

"You're so nervous. You've forgotten your morals at just the sight of a beautiful girl. I have such a brother as you, and I won't live comfortably in the future," Cora said and burst into laughter.

"Tell me. Don't be so talkative. I'll buy you the Chanel bag like I promised," Jordan urged again. The playful yet sneaky eyes of Cora looked at him in consideration.

"Okay, I'll stop now," she relented. "Jordan, I think you have a chance," she said in a serious tone.

"Really?" When Cora said that, Jordan's eyes widened in excitement behind his glasses. "Do you mean Cassie doesn't have a boyfriend?"

Cora shook her head but immediately comforted her crestfallen brother. "In fact, I don't know if Cassie does have a boyfriend because she won't tell me. But judging from her current state, I think that even if she does have one, they must've broken up."

"Really now?" Jordan murmured. His thoughts drifted to the man Cassie had driven away after he was beaten by him under her apartment.

Was he really Cassie's boyfriend? However, he had never seen that man again these days. So, were they actually broken up?

The mixed emotions on Jordan's face prompted Cora to be cautious. Did her brother have a crush on Cassie? Was he more serious than all those previous times?

If that was true, she needed to pay more attention to Cassie's life in the future.

In the bedroom

Sadness was evident in a depressed Sheryl's eyes. Charles was her main source of support and strength in their marriage—but if he didn't trust her an

eila and blocked her in an attempt to prevent the woman from moving forward.

Still, Leila didn't care about that. She pushed Nancy away with such an unexpected force and dashed upstairs, as her high heels clicked noisily on the steps.

After the shock had died down, Nancy hurriedly chased her and was worried that she would bother Sheryl.

The bedroom door suddenly burst open with a bang. Sheryl raised her head in surprise, and the unexpected sight of Leila greeted her.

"What are you doing here? You are not welcome. Get out!" Sheryl shouted coldly. However, Leila didn't seem to hear her.

Leila continued to saunter to Sheryl, who was both angry and confused.

"It's Melissa's home. Why can't I come here? But you, how can you have the guts to stay here? I've never seen a woman viler than you. You even tried to kill your mother-in-law!" Leila howled and provoked Sheryl. On the other hand, Nancy had caught up and arrived at Sheryl's bedroom.

What she heard from Leila made her extremely furious.

"Miss Zhang, stop talking nonsense and leave!" As Nancy said that, she grabbed Leila's arm to drag her out.

When Leila struggled to get away from Nancy's grip, Sheryl's voice intervened.

"Nancy, let go of her. Don't worry about me, I'll talk to her. Go downstairs now."

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