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   Chapter 1305 The Operation

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"It's not complicated. You just need to stage a car accident after getting drunk—someone just has to die along with it. All you have to do is make sure it seems just like a car accident.

Isn't it worth a shot if your family can live a better life?" Terrence explained the murder plan casually as if it were meaningless.

The driver was stunned speechless, his eyes wide.

Since Terrence wasn't in a hurry, he just sat beside Stuart and waited for his reply as his fingers tapped the table in a calm rhythm. All the while, Terrence was smiling.

In Stuart's eyes, the smile was twisted and distorted like that of a demon's—he felt like he was left with no escape.

Never had Stuart considered doing something so terrible. Not to mention, with all the monitors everywhere, he couldn't get out of such a situation unscathed.

But if he did, he could gain enough money to have his daughter treated. In all his life, Stuart had never seen such a large sum of money. If he had a million dollars, his daughter would have a chance to get better, and his family could move to a better place.

Suddenly, his daughter's overly pale face, tortured by illness, flashed across his mind. Every time he went home and heard his daughter happily greet him, he couldn't help but blame himself for not being able to do anything for her—he couldn't even earn enough money for the surgery.

Still, Stuart was very hesitant, not sure if he should accept the proposal. After a long while, he finally made up his mind and said, "Okay, but you have to make a deposit for me. At least 50% or else I can't trust you."

"No problem. I can send 500, 000 to your account by today." Of course, Stuart's reaction was something Terrence already anticipated.

After Terrence left, Stuart released a long sigh of relief.

Although he wanted to relax, the heavy task weighed down his mind.

nt wave, Shirley bid her mother goodnight. "Goodbye Mom, come back soon. I'll miss you."

Although Clark could sense that something serious was going on, he wanted to ease his mother's troubles. "Don't worry Mom, I will take good care of her."

In her heart, Sheryl thanked her children for being so sensitive.

With that, she rushed to pick up her things and head out.

At the hospital, Sheryl practically ran through the gallery and the crowd before finally arriving at the emergency room. After signing the consent form and the bill, she sat down and quietly waited for the end of the procedure. When the doctor came out to give her some news, what he said wandered in Sheryl's mind, making her feel like her heart was afloat.

"Hello Mrs. Lu, Mr. Lu was lucky enough to avoid fatal impact, probably because he was able to steer the car away in time. But he still suffered from some head damage. If it turns out to be serious, he could end up in a coma. Rest assured, we will do everything we can for him in this operation, but you should know of the possible risks. Please be prepared."

Somehow, she didn't feel very sober at the time. In such a daze, she forgot how to answer the doctor properly and only kept nodding in response.

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