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   Chapter 1303 Offence

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Charles was furious at this moment. Holley's frivolous behavior was a disgusting offence in his eyes.

"Get out!" He completely abandoned the calm composure he was trying to maintain.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Lu. I... I just couldn't help myself. You have to understand." Holley's eyes slowly filled with tears, making her appear fragile, but beautiful.

But Charles was not an ordinary man. Avoiding her eyes, he looked straight at the door and repeated, "Get out or I'll call the security guard."

Hearing Charles' tone, Holley began to panic. Seeing him act so coldly, she felt extremely angry and helpless. All she could do was quickly leave the office.

Disturbed by Holley's behavior, Charles couldn't turn his attention back on his work. He felt bored and depressed as he looked at the documents on his desk.

Shaking his head in frustration, he immediately called his subordinate and asked, "Mr. Zhao, how's the progress of our project with Tarsan Corporation?"

Charles hoped that the project could be completed in a hurry and that their cooperation with Tarsan Corporation would be terminated as soon as possible. The longer he was affiliated with Holley, the more disgusted he would feel.

"Mr. Lu, the cooperation project is going smoothly. It's estimated that it will be finished soon," the man responded with trepidation. Upon receiving Charles' call, he was immediately afraid he had done something wrong and Charles was calling to criticize him.

"Mr. Zhao, arrange for our staff to work overtime so that the project can be finished as soon as possible. When the project is finished, I'll double their bonuses."

"Okay. Mr. Lu, don't worry. We'll complete this project soon and we will meet your expectation," the man promised. He wanted to rush to Charles' office just to show him how determined he was.

"Okay, thank you. I'm also aware that our staff are really working hard. It's not easy for any of us, but this project needs to be finished as soon as possible. I hope you can truly pay more attention to it." Hearing his promise, Char

ty of finding the truth about what happened.

"Okay. Where are we going to meet?" Charles asked calmly.

"It's almost noon. How about I come to you? Then we can have a meal near Shining Company."


Holley hung up the phone, satisfied. Of course, the clues she had mentioned were just an excuse to meet Charles. Moreover, she was the one who leaked the news. She couldn't betray herself!

But Charles was so anxious for clues. It would be easy to fabricate some vague information for him. 'He'll eat it right up, ' Holley thought to herself, grinning.

Having waited outside Tarsan Corporation all morning for Holley to emerge, Black finally saw her leave the building.

When Holley drove by his car, Black swiftly pretended to be on the phone, his head sharply tilted away from the window. After she had passed, he was quick to follow her again.

Half an hour later, Holley stopped at the entrance of Shining Company. But, instead of getting out, she remained seated behind the wheel.

Stopping his car a safe distance away from Holley's, Black watched in puzzlement. He had been anxious about Holley going out so frequently these days. Was she really just doing business with this company the whole time?

Continuing to ponder this, Black stayed in the car and watched Holley. Finally, he saw Holley make a phone call before getting out of her car.

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