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   Chapter 1302 Get Furious

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"Goodbye, Miss Ye!" Holley wanted to say more but Charles stopped her by saying goodbye.

Having left with no choice, she went out of his office. Charles was just staring at her retreating form, lost in thought.

The private detective he hired was still investigating who started the rumor. But, so far, there was no satisfying result. For a second there, Charles was tempted to ask Holley directly.

What drove him to think of her was her obvious intention. She had the motive. But what depressed him was the lack of evidence. More so, his involvement was because of the joint project. He couldn't turn against her now without jeopardizing the partnership.

Meanwhile, Black called Holley again. Still, there was no response. As her boyfriend, it was unnatural for him not to see her for so many days now. This was making him feel depressed.

So, he finally decided to visit Tarsan Corporation just to see her. But, she was not around.

"She didn't come to work today?" Black felt surprised. Disregarding what others would think of him, he still came here to see her. Unfortunately, the assistant told him that she didn't arrive.

"Yes, Mr. Hu. Miss Ye isn't at the company. She just called to inform us that she appointed someone to handle everything and not to contact her unless it is something really important." Remembering Black as one of the shareholders who attended the dinner celebration and stayed beside Holley all the time during that night, she thought that this man should know Holley's whereabouts.

"Did Miss Ye mention her location and her work schedule?" Not giving up, Black grilled the assistant for more information.

"I am so sorry, Sir. I don't know anything. She didn't inform me." The assistant looked confused as well.

"Thank you for your assistance. If Miss Ye arrives, please tell her that I am looking for her and we need to discuss something important." Frustrated, Black left the office.

On his way to the stairs, he heard somebody mention the name of the person who filled his thoughts every night and day.

"What makes Miss Ye so busy these da

. Lu? Because I felt like one... I wonder why you treat me so... We are partners now and have been for quite some time. Am I not allowed to show my concern? Because I am happy expressing my care for you and..." Holley paused for a while.

"After all, you are my brother-in-law..."

When Charles heard her last words, his eyes became colder. He knew a lot about her shamelessness. And, if she really treated Sheryl as her sister, she would not have bullied her endlessly. And, she would not even attempt to seduce her so-called brother-in-law.

Charles laughed sarcastically. "You're wrong, Miss Ye. My wife doesn't have any siblings. So, I am definitely NOT your brother-in-law. Please leave my office now. In the future, talk to Mr. Zhao directly about the project. Be rest assured that whatever you say will be reported to me," Charles informed Holley coldly.

Unaffected by Charles' treatment, she walked around his table, stood behind him, and placed her hands on his chair.

"Don't be mad at me, Mr. Lu, if I said something wrong," Holley whispered in his ear. He could very well feel her breath on the side of his face. Her intention was too obvious.

Not expecting anything, Charles wasn't able to move aside right away. He just twisted his body a little bit to one side, and pushed her away from him with all his strength.

Caught off-guard, Holley almost fell on the floor.

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