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   Chapter 1301 Getting Involved

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Sensing success in this endeavor, Holley just kept silent. She did not want to do anything that would push Charles to make a hasty decision. It would be better if it came from him. She seated herself leisurely and looked around his office with great interest.

For the longest time, silence reigned in the room.

Finally, Charles said hoarsely, "I agree to work with Tarsan Corporation to finish this project."

Hesitation and helplessness were obvious as he pressed his brows after saying his decision out loud. Deep inside, he knew he wasn't sure if what he did was right.

Opposite, Holley gave him her biggest smile ever.

"As I expected, Mr. Lu, you made a wise decision. With the two powerful companies joining hand in hand, this project will surely be completed successfully. What's more, maximum profit is in store for us in the near future. I look forward to our working together." Holley extended her hand to shake hands.

Charles had no choice but to shake hands with Holley. "Same here."

Not long, the two people soon confirmed the cooperation with Party A.

After signing the contract, Holley suggested that Charles and she create a project committee which would be composed of their top caliber employees. Without hesitation, Charles agreed. Anyway, he was already thinking of letting one of his assistants take charge of the project. He would just ask for updates on its progress every now and then.

At the reception of Shining Company

Holley lightly tapped the reception desk with a smile.

"Good day, Miss Ye. It's nice to see you again," she greeted Holley respectfully when she saw it was her.

"I am here to see Mr. Lu," Holley informed her with a smile.

"Just for a moment, Miss Ye." Then, the receptionist dialed the CEO's office and informed Charles of her presence. Charles replied, "I know." And, he hung up.

Annoyance was clearly written on Charles' face. At the beginning of the project, Holley was always seen at Shining Company every two or three days. He already instructed her to talk to his employee about the project. But still, she kept on bothering him.

Meanwhile, the receptionist was confused and didn't know what to do. Charles' answer was va

e. Seeing her intention, he turned a blind eye on what she was doing.

"I am sorry, Miss Ye. I can't accept your offer. As you can see, Shining Company is so busy. I have tons of work to do." Trying very hard to control his impatience, Charles answered Holley as gracefully as he could. But deep inside, he wanted to kick her out of his office. If not for their companies working together in a project, he would surely have done that. But he knew it would be unpleasant for the company.

"But, Mr. Lu, no matter how busy you are, you surely do eat dinner. Right? Why don't we grab something quick to eat? Just around the vicinity. Is that okay with you?" Hearing Holley's endless talk, Charles wanted to shut her mouth to prevent hearing more from her.

"Look! If you want to have dinner, just go and eat by yourself! I don't want to go out with you! I am satisfied to eat in the cafeteria." Charles lost his control and answered her harshly.

For the first time, Holley felt scared. She had never seen this side of him before. In her eyes, he was always the perfect gentleman.

Comforting herself, she just thought that Charles must be too busy and tired these past few days. That was why he lost control of his emotions.

"I understand, Mr. Lu. But remember, you have to take care of your health despite your hectic schedule." Charles didn't reply anymore to her unnecessary concern. Instead, he was annoyed of her expressing her love unexpectedly last time.

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