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   Chapter 1300 Consideration

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The corner they were in was quiet as Holley saw Charles in deep thought. She thought of what to say next, but it seemed that she couldn't form the right words at that moment.

Holley slightly raised her voice to catch Charles' attention.

"Charles, you know I've been in love with you for a long time. You've been on my mind ever since I first saw you. I also know that you and Sheryl aren't happy right now. She's not suitable for you. You're not really in love, but just tied together because of a contract. So, I hope you can give me a chance to be closer to you. I admit that I have my own selfish motives for this cooperation."

Now, Charles originally didn't care about whatever Holley said at all, but when he heard this woman casually slander his marriage with Sheryl, he became so enraged that he couldn't even control himself to act decently. In fact, he didn't want to listen to all her nonsense anymore.

However, Holley seemed to miss the obvious resistance and rejection in Charles' eyes as she continued, "Charles, our cooperation will benefit you in both work and in life, won't it? Our companies can even merge into one and grow stronger. If you divorce Sheryl, I'll marry you and leave Tarsan Corporation completely under your management. I can stay at home to teach and accompany our children."

"Shut up! Sher and I live a quiet, happy life now, which you don't need to comment on. Moreover, do you think I will like you? You don't need to waste your time and my time here anymore."

Without even bothering to be polite, Charles rejected Holley's advances and quickly walked away.

Everything Charles had said made Holley mad with rage. She clenched her hands into fists so hard that her nails dug crescent-shaped imprints on her palms.

Her eyes gazed at Charles' determined back as a cold smile graced her face. 'Just wait and see, Charles. You'll soon come back and ask me to cooperate with you!' she thought.

Meanwhile, Charles returned to Shining Company. He contacted the head of the project and declined the cooperation between Shining Company and Tarsan Corporation. The head could only regretfully say, "It's really a pity. We'll re-evaluate

ley's eyes glinted under the bright office lights at Charles' response.

If she hadn't kept a close eye on Shining Company recently, Holley would have easily believed Charles' words.

'Charles, you'll compromise with me soon, ' Holley sneered and thought to herself.

"I came here today to discuss the project Tarsan Corporation and Shining Company were supposed to work together on last time. Although you previously refused to cooperate, I think you'll take this opportunity considering Shining Company's current predicament."

Confidence dripped from Holley's every word. She believed that Charles wouldn't refuse her offer this time because his company was in shambles.

Moreover, Holley had learned a lesson from their previous encounter. She didn't mention anything about Sheryl and their relationship this time, but of course that didn't mean that she didn't want to be with Charles anymore. Instead, she opted for a slow and gradual approach. As long as the two companies would cooperate in the end, there would be plenty of time for them to be alone together. Thus, she would have many chances to approach and attract him.

"What do you think, Mr. Lu? I think this project is worth the try. As long as our companies work together, I believe we can maximize the benefits. So, do you agree to cooperate on this project now?"

At that moment, Charles didn't answer Holley immediately, but his eyes dropped and he decided to consider it.

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