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   Chapter 1299 Cooperate

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The next few days went by like a blur. Black rarely contacted Holley, but sometimes he couldn't control himself so he texted her. However, Holley's replies were aloof.

Soon enough, Tarsan Corporation had prepared to bid for a project. Holley had gotten busy every day, so her relationship with Black remained at a standstill.

This project's prospect was quite important to Holley. If they won the bid, it would certainly bring them a great profit. Most importantly, it could open doors for them in that field. Thus, everyone at Tarsan Corporation took the matter quite seriously and even worked overtime to collect data and prepare the files for the bid.

The day of the bidding came, and Holley went to the meeting room in the company of Party A. Upon arrival, she was surprised to find that Charles was also there. When Holley saw him, her heart hammered in her rib cage and she didn't even know how she got to her seat, but she sat down nonetheless.

While everyone prepared their presentations, Holley couldn't help but peek at Charles. His face was calm and cold, but his eyes brimmed with vigor. His sleeves were rolled up and made him look neat and efficient. He occasionally tapped the table with his pen, held by his fair-skinned and slender fingers. Holley even wanted to touch his fingers.

Charles also saw Holley, but he deeply hated her so he simply ignored her.

A few minutes later, the meeting came to the main point. Holley finally calmed down and concentrated on Party A's speech. After all, this project was of great importance and Tarsan Corporation had done so much for it already. They couldn't make any mistakes when it was nearly completed, so Holley had to take it seriously.

After a while, Party A had come to a surprising decision that all the bidders never expected. Party A was satisfied by both the strengths of Charles' Shining Company, and Tarsan Corporation that Holley represented. They hoped that

"Mr. Lu, are you sure that you won't listen?" Holley moved two steps forward and asked. "Then I have to continue bothering you."

Even though Charles clearly wasn't interested, Holley still spoke to him regardless.

That only made Charles hate her more, but he didn't want the others to see him being leeched on and gossip about him behind his back. Thus, he had to relent and talk to Holley in a corner where nobody could see them.

"Mr. Lu, I hope that you can agree to cooperate with us."

After those words, Holley paused for a bit and seemed to hardly know where to start.

"Is this something important as you mentioned? I think we don't need to talk about this issue. I won't agree to cooperate or change my mind."

Charles was already quite distressed and put a hand on his forehead. He was in no mood to explain things to Holley in detail.

"Mr. Lu, listen to me first. Don't make a rash decision, please. It is said that business is business, so I believe this project is also important to Shining Company. Otherwise, you won't care about this bid so much, right?"

It seemed that Holley had predicted that Charles wouldn't answer her question, so she added, "Mr. Lu, I hope you can think over about the proposed cooperation in terms of its benefits for both of us."

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