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   Chapter 1298 Running Away From Reality

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On the way home, neither of the two spoke. The marriage proposal seemed like too much of an impact. Originally, Black was certain that they were mutually attached, so Holley's rejection was completely unexpected. Now, he knew that Holley didn't love him as much as he loved her.

All the while, Holley's mind was also a mess. Of course, she was well aware that no matter how many days he gave her to think about it, she would never be willing to marry him. Charles was still the only person who she wanted to be with.

The silence in the car made her too uneasy as she wasn't sure whether or not Black was angry at her. If he really was angry and directly handed his shares over to his father, Rex, what would Holley have left to do?

The atmosphere in the vehicle grew increasingly solemn until Holley opened her mouth, unable to bear it any longer.

"Would you like to stay for the night?"

As she said it, she merely stared at Black's hands on the steering wheel. If they weren't the only two people in the car, Black wouldn't have been sure that Holley was talking to him.

"I won't stay today. There's an early meeting at the company tomorrow morning. My house is closer to the office."

In truth, Black didn't have to go home that night. But without knowing what Holley really thought of him, he couldn't spend the night with her.

What made Black feel even stranger was that he wasn't touched at all when he heard Holley's words. Black's heart was numb unlike before, when his heartbeat would be racing, too difficult to calm down after hearing Holley say such words.

Even Black had to admit that the proposal triggered a crack in thei

of everything, it was still Charles who was on her mind and in her dreams. How could she leave room in her heart for Black?

"Black, I'm a bit tired. You should go home early to rest. You still have an early meeting tomorrow, don't you?" Unfastening her seatbelt, she bid him goodbye.

Black finally realized that no matter how much he questioned her, she wouldn't give him an explanation. All he could do was watch her get out of the car and walk inside her house before she shut the door closed.

Before Holley entered the house, she cast Black a pointed look and said, "Don't think too much. See you tomorrow."

No one knew if her words were meant to comfort or advise him.

Black nodded slightly, but his face remained stoic. The sound of the car engine being started was heard, and then he quickly sped away.

After Holley went to bed, she tossed and turned all night and couldn't fall asleep. She clearly felt Black's stubborn love for her. If she kept close to him every day, seeing Rex would be inevitable.

Thus, she had to stop seeing him frequently and let them calm down first.

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