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   Chapter 1296 Be Away From Home

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It meant that the Hu family owned the largest stake in Tarsan Corporation and could hold a general meeting of shareholders at any time to bring her down, just like how she used to bring Rachel down.

Holley became scared when she realized this. She feared that she would have the same fate as Rachel. Having received everything she'd wanted and enjoyed the glory, she was unwilling to lose what she'd gained.

Her only choice seemed to be to win Black's loyalty and get him to give her his stock shares.

She had treated Black coldly for over a week with the excuse that she was busy working. She wanted to gradually stay away from him. But now she would have to reach out to him again.

"Holley, are you busy again today? I haven't seen you for a few days. I miss you so much. Can I take you to dinner after you get off work?"

Black was calling her once again and this time, Holley didn't refuse him as she'd done before. Attempting to regain the passion she had for him when they had started dating, Holley said, "I've finally finished my work. I miss you, too, Black. I'll be waiting for you after work."

When evening came, the pair met up. They hugged and kissed and acted like an ordinary couple deeply in love.

They decided that instead of going out for dinner, Holley would prepare a home-cooked meal. When they finished eating, Black cleaned up and washed dishes. Eventually, the pair went for a walk in the garden, hand in hand. As they slowly walked around, Holley felt satisfaction settle deep within her. Leaning against Black's strong shoulder, she felt a sense of peace and safety.

However, the feeling quickly vanished when she recalled what had happened, including the humiliation and unfair treatment she had suffered through.

'Sheryl still l

o go back home, she went directly to Nick's residence.

When she arrived at Nick's apartment, Cassie rang the doorbell. Not hearing any movement from inside, she rang the doorbell again and continued to wait.

Was Nick not at home? Confused, Cassie reached into her pocket for her cell phone to call Nick.

Suddenly, Nick's neighbor, a young couple, emerged from the apartment next-door. Seeing Cassie, the woman smiled and greeted her, "Are you Nick's girlfriend?"

Feeling a blush creep onto her face, Cassie smiled. She didn't want to deny it, so she nodded and asked, "Do you know if he's home?"

"Er, last night when we came back from a walk, we saw Nick carrying a suitcase. It seemed like he was leaving on a long journey. Perhaps he didn't sleep at home last night," the woman answered.

"Okay. Thank you." Cassie was disappointed but didn't forget to express her thanks.

After the couple had left, Cassie tried to figure out where Nick could possibly be. Had he been away from home?

Taking out her cell phone again, she hurriedly called Nick.

After a few seconds of ringing, Cassie heard a beep, causing her to frown. Why wasn't Nick answering the phone?

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