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   Chapter 1295 Plan B

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At full speed, Bernard rushed to the door of Rachel's house. He turned the knob but it was locked. As he stood by the door, he noticed that the lights were off inside.

Sensing that there was something wrong, he decided to break into the house. Inside, it was pitch black. He felt for the light switch and pressed it on, but the lights did not work.

With the flashlight of his phone, he saw the living room was a mess. As he slowly moved towards the center, he stepped on the shards of glass. He looked down. The shards came from the fluorescent lamps of the living room. 'So, that is why there are no lights.

But, where is Rachel?' Never in his life had he felt so worried. He quickly scanned the room. He wanted to find her as soon as possible. He was afraid to lose Rachel. He could not imagine his life without her.

Meanwhile, Rachel was hiding behind the heavy curtains of the guest bedroom. She was so nervous that her palms were wet and her breathing was quick. And because she was so afraid that her breathing could be heard, she slightly opened her mouth and breathed through it. Suddenly, she heard footsteps. This time, she could hear her own heartbeats racing. She feared Death who was slowly approaching her.

Earlier that night, she was waiting for Bernard's news in her room. She was so tensed that it heightened her senses of her surroundings.

As soon as she heard sounds coming, she listened very carefully if those were from Bernard. She knew so well how Bernard's footsteps sounded. Every time he came to see her, he was excited and nervous. So his footsteps sounded like one was heavy, the other was light.

However, the footsteps she heard were so light that no one could hear them unless one was concentrating on the surrounding sounds. If she had not been so focused that night, she would not have heard them.

She immediately took off her shoes, slowly walked to the guest bedroom and hid behind the heavy curtains. Though she knew it was unsafe to stay inside, she didn't risk trying to escape. Her chances of staying alive was higher if she stayed put. Her other chance of survival was sending a text message to the police and hoping that they would arrive on time. Then, she put her phone in silent mode.

In just a few minutes, Rachel heard the main door open. The footsteps continue

the future has in store for me, one thing is sure. I won't give up! I promise I will return. I will get back what really belongs to me!'

The plane slowly flew to the clouds, and the loud roar of the engines remained behind. Just like Rachel's regrets which were left behind.

The next day, Holley received the news that Rachel had fled. After sending someone to check the news out, she learned that Rachel and Bernard had gone to Australia.

Although Holley failed to kill Rachel, she was still satisfied with the result. There wouldn't be any trouble for her anymore.

Even if they came back one day, she was sure that she would have already established her power in Tarsan Corporation by then. There was no way for Rachel to overpower her anymore.

She could already imagine her becoming so powerful in the company. No one would ever try to cross or rebut her. That feeling absolutely fascinated Holley. She felt so light and wonderful after a long time.

She could finally walk in the company with her head held high, without worrying that someone would criticize her the next second.

However, she realized she celebrated too early. When she went over the company's latest updated equity statement, she found a surprising fact—Rachel sold all her shares to Rex Hu, Black's father, before she left.

Mentally computing the thirty-five percent shares of Rex Hu from Rachel and Black's twenty-five percent shares, they had sixty percent shares together. As a result, Hu's shares were twenty percent more than her forty percent shares.

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