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   Chapter 1294 Danger

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When Holley heard the private detective's words, she couldn't help but nervously look around to find out were Bernard was. Although the private detective was on standby to protect her, she still felt immensely insecure as the enemy was hidden in the dark.

She never thought that Rachel would one day want to kill her. Now, either Rachel or Holley would end up dead.

Since Rachel was so heartless, Holley had no choice but to strike first.

When Holley knew Rachel's ill intentions, she also arranged a killer to make a little accident for Rachel. Holley believed that the good news of Rachel being robbed and killed by the gangsters would soon come tomorrow as well.

Meanwhile, Bernard entered the club and pretended to see Holley by accident, so he acted a little surprised when he saw her. If Holley hadn't known that he and Rachel secretly connived, she would have thought that it was just an ordinary encounter.

Nervousness coursed through Holley. She couldn't feel completely relieved until she tucked her hair to the side and ensured that her private bodyguard was just a few meters away.

"Miss Ye, what a coincidence. I didn't expect to meet you here," Bernard greeted. He looked expressionless when he said those words. However, he continued his acting and went back to his usual grim face after he feigned surprise.

"Bernard? It's really a coincidence. Are you here for a drink too?" Holley spoke as if she was shocked as well, as if they had met unexpectedly.

"The wine here is good. I like to come here," Bernard said. He then pointed to the wine cabinet behind the bar counter.

"It's really good. Would you like a drink?" To be honest, Holley was really curious about how Bernard planned to kill her tonight. After all, it was a Friday night and the club was crowded. She thought that Bernard wouldn't be that foolish to do such an illegal thing in public.

And so, how would he kill her in secret?

Confusion filled Holley's mind as she sat idly on the chair.

Suddenly, B

on the table. The dripping sound made some people look at them, which distracted the bodyguard for a moment. Bernard took this opportunity and quickly got out of the bodyguard's grip. He then hit the other man's chest, and the bodyguard stumbled several steps backward due to the pain. When Bernard saw that the bodyguard was too busy minding his chest pain, he rushed out the door.

However, Bernard heard the sound of the bodyguard chasing him, so he had no choice but to run fast towards his own car parked at the entrance. As soon as he reached his car and got inside, he drove away.

Bernard had previously checked the area's terrain so that he could escape faster. Thus, he got to choose the most concealed road, and left the bodyguard behind.

Now, there was only one thing Bernard thought about—his plan had been exposed! He realized that Holley never went to the washroom, she had escaped.

However, Bernard didn't have the time to figure out how his plan got found out.

Anxious thoughts filled Bernard's mind. 'Since Holley knew about my plan, she must have planned to hurt Rachel. Oh my God, Rachel is in danger!' he thought.

With that in mind, Bernard stopped his thoughts and quickly increased the car's speed to find Rachel. They previously agreed to meet at Rachel's door after he had finished executing the plan.

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