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   Chapter 1293 Wanted To Kill Him

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"It's none of your business, so you'd better go." It was clear that Cassie said that on purpose because she wanted Nick to leave for now. After all, he had many things to deal with in his own company. Meanwhile, she would be responsible for looking after Jordan because he was hurt by Nick. She could just say something to defend Nick from Jordan and ask him to not blame Nick for beating him.

However, Nick had completely misunderstood Cassie's good intentions.

His face dimmed. He felt dead inside, but he said nothing. He thought that since the woman he loved chose to be with another man, it was useless for him to stay with them and pester her.

Nick then felt that just now he had been too impulsive. It was true that it was his fault to punch another guy when he didn't ask Cassie who she wanted to be with first.

A self-mocking smile lingered on his lips. He laughed for he had overestimated himself and acted irrationally.

When Cassie heard Nick laugh, she felt that something was wrong with him today as she gazed at his receding figure, but she couldn't exactly tell.

"Your boyfriend is gone and he seems to be upset. I think you should go and soothe him," Jordan tugged on Cassie's sleeve and said.

"Never mind. He's always like this, so you don't need to worry about him. Your wound needs to be treated as soon as possible, so let's go to the hospital right now." Cassie then supported Jordan to get into the car. After she carefully helped him sit in the passenger seat, she went to the driver's side of the car as well.

At that moment, she felt as if someone was staring at her from behind. She subconsciously turned around and looked back.

However, Cassie only saw Nick, who was in his car, looking ahead with an emotionless face. In the next second, he drove away and was gone like an arrow in the wind.

Cassie stopped looking in disappointment. She didn't get a chance to talk to Nick, so she decided to find him and make everything clear after work.

She got into the car and drove Jordan to the hospital. After a medical examination, they found that he wasn't badly hurt and there was only a small bruise. When Cassie patched him up, she suddenly realized that since Jordan got hurt, Nick must've also gotten injured

enz sedan quietly stopped at one corner of the sketchy road in front of a club. It was parked at the security camera's blind spot, and then the car door opened to reveal Bernard.

The phone in Bernard's hand vibrated, and it was a message from Rachel. "Are you sure you want to do this?" the text read.

Bernard thought for a while before texting back a "Yes."

After he sent the text, he looked up and saw Holley from the corner of his eye. His eyes glinted, but his face remained stoic.

Holley had gotten a special message that afternoon.

She knew that Rachel intended to buy shares from Alan, which proved that Rachel didn't give up easily. Therefore, Holley employed a private detective who was also a private security personnel, to keep an eye on Rachel since then and prevent her from damaging Holley's interests.

Today, the private detective told her that he had found a new clue.

As expected, Rachel wasn't done yet and she still wanted to sabotage her. However, what most surprised Holley was that Rachel had pulled Bernard to her side and made him do everything for her. She felt that she had underestimated Rachel as she never thought that Rachel had talked Bernard into betraying her.

Not long after Holley entered the club, her phone suddenly rang.

"Hello Miss Ye, I've spied on Bernard and I have something new to tell you. I found that he is following you and I believe that he plans to take action today. But you don't need to worry about it. I'll protect you tonight."

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