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   Chapter 1292 . Fight

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Unexpectedly, the old lady replied, "Cassie…Oh, I saw her once, last night. She was dressed up rather beautifully. She said she was going to a party and would be back home late."

'A party?'

Hearing the news, Nick was surprised before feeling relieved to know where Cassie was. But after pondering, he began to feel enraged about her behavior.

When he called her several times last night, she didn't answer him once. How could she stay out all night?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he grew. He realized that he didn't want to care about her any longer. Abruptly, he stood up and addressed the old lady, "Thank you. I'll be leaving, now."

Although the lady realized that the young man was upset by what he heard, she didn't know what she did wrong. All she could do was sigh as she watched Nick leave.

When he reached the car and prepared to start the engine, he hesitated.

What if something happened to Cassie? What if she couldn't make her way back home?

The thought left him uneasy. Eventually, he decided to stick around for a while. If she didn't come back soon, he would go to the police.

Sitting in his car, Nick pulled out his phone and tried to ring her again, but her phone seemed to be unreachable.

Upset and frustrated, he kept waiting in the car.

As time passed, Nick's patience started running out until a familiar figure started walking towards him.

Cassie was back.

The joy on Nick's face didn't last long. Just as he was about to step out of the car, he saw that Cassie was walking beside a tall man, talking, and laughing. She had breakfast in her hand as she looked up at the man with a warm smile on her face.

"Thank you so much for taking me home." Cassie smiled at Cora's brother, Jordan Li.

"It's my pleasure. You got drunk on Cora's birthday, so it's only right that I take you home. It's getting late. I'll brin

e, rolling on the ground in pain.

"Jordan!" she cried out in a hurry. Shaking off Nick's hands, she quickly rushed over to check Jordan Li's condition, completely ignoring the former.

"Cassie…" As he stared into his empty hands, frustration and sadness flashed across his face.

Afraid that Jordan Li would get severely injured by Nick's attacks, she hurried to check his wounds.

In truth, Jordan Li was delighted to see that Cassie cared about him and deliberately put on a painful expression and struggled to call out her name with drops of sweat on his forehead. "Don't worry about me. I'm fine… Go to work now, you'll be late…"

"Never mind. Where does it hurt? Let me take a look." Cassie inspected him. If Jordan Li got seriously injured, how could she ever explain it to Cora? The thought worried Cassie. What if Nick got caught by the police? She couldn't let anything bad happen.

Secretly feeling pleased, he purposely said, "I'm alright. There's just some pain in my stomach…"

"Let me help you get into the car. I'll take you to the hospital," Cassie said as she struggled to help him step into the car.

Feeling like too much of an outsider, Nick merely stood aside. He wanted to help her, but Cassie just pushed him away.

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