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   Chapter 1291 Take The Initiative

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After Holley left, Rachel was determined to do something. Being stuck in a desperate situation, she had to find her own tricky way to win another chance for herself.

'Since she stands in my way, ' she thought, 'then I only need to wipe her out.'

Wanting to see him immediately, she phoned Bernard and eagerly told him to meet her in her house.

Because of the sudden demand, Bernard worried about what might have happened so he made sure to rush to her house. Lately, Rachel was stuck in a rather unstable mood—he couldn't help but be concerned for her. It was only when she was by his side that he could rest easy.

When he got to the door, it didn't take long before Rachel arrived as well. As soon as he saw her, he walked up to her, carefully examining her to find out if anything was wrong. Since nothing seemed off, he sighed in relief.

"Rachel, did something happen? Why did you call me here?" Afraid that Rachel was bottling something up, Bernard had to ask her to tell him.

"Nothing serious, it's just… I've missed you," she replied, bashfully lowering her head. Although she moved with appropriate shyness, her intense aura couldn't be ignored.

Without another word, Bernard pulled Rachel in for a tight embrace. It felt perfect enough that he thought it would be completely worthwhile to die as long as he had Rachel in his arms. At that moment, the world was silent. All he could hear was his own heartbeat mingling with Rachel's.

In a vast desert, she was his oasis.

Truly, Bernard had walked the desert for too long before he finally found her. After everything that happened, Rachel ended up being the missing piece to his fulfillment.

Warm in his embrace, Rachel carefully leaned up to kiss him. The very thought excited Bernard—it was the first time she had ever really taken the initiative to get closer to him. Suddenly, all his devotion and time as he waited for the girl was completely worth it.

The surprise only lasted a moment. Before long, Bernard kissed

e without warning, ruling out the possibility of homicide?'

What if Holley died through overdose? There was already enough talk that the others knew that Holley didn't have any self-respect—they wouldn't think that it was a murder.

Meanwhile, Nick stayed up in front of Cassie's house. At dawn, he lied down on the floor to sleep for a while.

The sound of the neighboring door awakened him and he realized that he had stayed at Cassie's door the whole night.

At the same time, Cassie's neighbor gaped at the man who was sitting on the ground. "Poor lad, what are you doing here? Did you stay out here all night?" The old lady's face was kind as she asked him.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Nick subconsciously stood up to answer, forgetting that his legs were numb—he fell down to the ground.

"Oh, your legs must be numb. Take your time and sit for a while," the old lady told him.

Her kindness made him bashfully scratch his head. Suddenly, the thought of Cassie not coming back in the night upset him.

"Lady, may I ask where the girl in this house has been?" Looking at the old lady with hope, he thought maybe she knew.

In truth, though, he knew the old lady couldn't give him the answer. After all, she was only a neighbor, not a relative nor a friend. Cassie wouldn't have told her where she was going.

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