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   Chapter 1290 Intentional Assault

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When Holley heard what Alan had said, her face was immediately devoid of any expression. She looked unreadable except for her cold eyes that gave away her anger.

A cold smile graced her lips. 'I never expect that Rachel hasn't given up yet. But she's still so foolish that she even believes Alan, a disgusting man. No wonder she can't be successful, ' she thought.

At that moment, Holley filled with anger and sympathy for Rachel.

Meanwhile, Alan's hands roamed around Holley's body again when he saw that she was lost in her thoughts. He first touched her neck, and when Holley didn't resist, he continued to move his hands down.

Suddenly, Holley stood up from the seat and vigorously shook off Alan's hands. "Mr. Zhao, please stay away from me," she said and looked at him with disgust.

However, Alan was not pleased when Holley stopped him. He grabbed her chin and turned her face towards his. "Who do you think you are? I advise you not to be shameless!" he hissed.

Holley struggled to get out of his grip, and when she did, she mercilessly said, "I don't need you to judge who I am. Now that you have told me the big secret, I don't think I need to stay here anymore. Mr. Zhao, goodbye." After Holley finished her words, she turned to leave.

Anger steamed out of Alan and he quickly grabbed Holley's hand to stop her from leaving.

"I didn't expect you to be so ungrateful. I just reminded you to be careful of Rachel. It's for your own good, but you want to kick away the ladder now? I'm warning you, Holley Ye. Since you don't know how to respect me, let's wait and see!" Alan shouted.

"Mr. Zhao, you must be kidding me. I'm not ungrateful. I just realized that I didn't need to be kind and generous to a lecher. You just want to have sex with lots of women. In fact, I think it was nice of me to patiently listen to all your nonsense for such a long time!" Holley yelled back.

It was already a hard night for Holley. She didn't want to tolerate Alan anymore, so she poured out all her anger and disgust towards the man.

No matter what Alan said, Holley just left after she finished her words. The clicking of high-heeled shoes on the glossy tiled floo

, I really don't know how to describe you now. Pitiful? Or naive? I think I need to remind you who owns Tarsan Corporation now. You are not the owner! It is I, Holley! From now on, you only deserve to be below me! Do I make myself clear?" Holley said in an increasingly arrogant tone.

At that point, Rachel was so angry that she stared at Holley and wished that she could rip off the revolting smile of her face.

If she had a gun in her hand right now, she would surely aim it at the vile woman in front of her. She would rather die together with her than let her live a good life.

"Holley, don't forget that you were just one of my slaves before! And you are still the most disgusting slave ever!" Rachel screamed. "So what?" Holley casually said back.

"Now, you are my slave! You have to listen to my orders!" "You!"

Fury had filled Rachel to the brim that she tried to slap Holley, but the woman grasped her hand in time. A sardonic laugh escaped Holley's lips when Rachel tried to break free.

"You want to slap me? Are you even qualified to slap me? To be honest, I'm afraid everyone in the company will hate you if I turn myself against you. So be a nice lady. It's for your own good. Or else, I could sue you for intentional assault. Don't be stupid anymore, okay?" Holley said mockingly. She then let go of Rachel's hand and left with a triumphant smirk.

As Rachel watched Holley leave her office, she still shivered with anger.

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