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   Chapter 1289 What A Vicious Woman

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"Right. When I used to visit the Lu family, I witnessed that woman treat Melissa badly and not paying her mother-in-law her due respect."

"Why didn't Charles divorce that evil woman?" exclaimed Cassie. Realizing the volume of her voice was too loud, she lowered it and continued, "I'm sorry for being overly excited. Please keep this conversation we've had today just between us."

"No worries. She's done so many terrible things that even if this gets out, she deserves it," said Leila disdainfully. "Charles was trying to divorce her, but she clung onto him like a parasite. She was lucky enough to give birth to two of his children. It was for their sake that Charles didn't go through with the divorce."

"In my opinion, a horrible woman like her doesn't deserve to be a mother," Cassie added to back her up.

"Exactly!" said Leila. Her face darkened as she thought about her own condition. "She's just a lucky dog. One day, I'll make her regret it,"

she added viciously, her face contorting into a cruel frown.

Cassie instinctively stepped away from Leila and hurriedly cleared away the tools. "The examination is over; you've recovered well. I'll have to check on the other room. See you later."

"All right." Leila smiled at Cassie and said, "Visit me whenever you can. I'm very bored."

"Okay, I will. Now have a good rest."

After leaving Leila's room, Cassie heaved a huge sigh of relief.

What a vicious woman! Even Cassie, an outsider, sensed how dangerous she was.

Before entering the room, Cassie had nearly heard the entire story already. She was wise enough to have recorded Leila's phone conversation outside the door. It was solid proof.

Cassie wanted to know more about it, so she went inside to talk to her and listen to her side of the story. After their convers


However, she had no choice but to face Alan, fake smile and all.

Having had multiple glasses of wine, Holley started to feel nauseous.

"Mr. Zhao, I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well; I need to go to the bathroom. Excuse me." Seeing that Holley's face had turned pale, Alan waved his hand to set her free.

As Holley left the table, she exhaled deeply and slowly made her way to the bathroom. When she arrived and saw her flushed cheeks in the bathroom mirror, Holley splashed water onto her face to cool down. She stood by the sink for quite some time trying to suppress her nausea.

Taking a few deep breaths, she left the bathroom and began to make her way back to Alan. She walked slowly in order to delay facing Alan again. What a despicable man!

As Holley approached their table, she quickly put a happy look on her face.

"Mr. Zhao, I'm sorry for keeping you waiting," she said cheerfully and they resumed eating.

After they had finished their meal, Holley tried mentioning Rachel again and, this time, Alan told her the secret.

"Rachel asked me to buy your shares and then transfer them to her, so that she could buy Tarsan Corporation back. Now you know. Are you surprised?"

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