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   Chapter 1288 Rumors

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'I deserve this…I tried to set up others but I ended up getting myself into trouble. Now, I can't ever be a mother. I can't have children in this lifetime…'

At this thought, Leila felt her heart grow heavier. As she recovered from her grief, she intended to whip harsh remarks at the guy on the phone only to find that he had already escaped the situation and ended the call.

Even when she called the number back, nobody answered the phone.

Suddenly, her pale face was overcome with anger. Her phone made a loud bang when she threw it against the wall. It broke into cracks and crashed onto the ground.

Despite that, she was still too upset. Glancing around the room, she ended up just grabbing a pillow and throwing it at the door.

Suddenly, she heard a knock from the other side.

"Come in!" Leila shouted testily.

It was Cassie. When she heard some shouting coming from the room, her hand which was on the doorknob shook slightly.

Pushing open the door, she stepped inside and subtly surveyed the room. Politely, she said, "Miss Zhang, it's time for your regular check-up."

Still engulfed by anger, she turned around and yelled at the nurse, "What's wrong with you? Don't you have anything else to do? Clearly, I'm not sick. I don't need a stupid check-up."

Having heard Leila's conversation over the phone, Cassie wasn't freaked out by the former's fiercely rude response. Otherwise, she would probably be shocked and irritated.

While Leila was on the phone, Cassie had been standing just outside the door. Even though she grasped snippets of Leila's conversation, she had figured out why the patient had gotten ill.

'It turns out this was all Leila's doing. She poisoned herself and framed Sheryl. Now, she's infertile because of the poison. Even if she deeply regrets it, she can't do anything to change the fact, ' Cassie brooded.

Clearly, Cassie wasn't fond of Leila. If Nick hadn't asked her to do him the favor, she wouldn't have even set foot in the ward.

"Miss Zhang, please cool down. You should take care of your health for our own sake. Nothing should be more precious to us th

," Cassie flattered her with expectant eyes.

"Of course. When I leave, you can always contact me," Leila agreed without thinking twice.

Hurriedly, Cassie said, "You're too nice, Miss Zhang. If you can help my cousin get a position in Shining Company, my family and I will be so grateful to you."

All of a sudden, a thought came to her. With a hesitant expression, she added, "Oh Miss Zhang, I wanted to ask you something…but I don't know if I should say it…"

"Tell me, what do you want to know?" Given what happened, Leila was quick to treat the nurse like her friend.

After getting on alert and glancing around to make sure no one was around, Cassie drew nearer and deliberately whispered, "Miss Zhang, I heard that you were admitted to the hospital because you were poisoned and that it was Charles Lu's wife who did this to you. Is that true? How could she do such a horrible thing to you? What an awful woman…"

Of course, the topic interested Leila. If Charles hadn't asked her to keep this to herself, she would have already told everyone that Sheryl poisoned her.

"You're right. That woman is cursed. She poisoned me and pushed Charles' mother down the stairs.

Until now, Mrs. Lu is stuck in bed," Leila said with interest. "What?" Cassie covered her mouth with her hands in shock. "Charles' wife pushed his mother down the stairs? I never would've thought she would do so much wrong."

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