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   Chapter 1287 Infertility

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Was it simply because they indulged their affair too many times, enough that she developed such delusion?

Despite the fact that Rachel offered him an impressive romantic experience, in his mind, Alan only laughed at Rachel's stupidity—he would not satisfy her demand as she hoped. All he offered was a spoken promise. "Alright, shares are not a big deal. I'll arrange a meeting with Holley to buy her shares."

Upon hearing this, Rachel gained some hopefulness and it made her day.

"Thank you, Mr. Zhao." Suddenly enveloping Alan in an embrace, Rachel kissed him excitedly.

Of course, Rachel was delighted to know that she had Alan's help. With his support, she could certainly take back the company. Unfortunately, she was not aware that as soon as he left the hotel, he rang up Holley immediately.

"Hello, Miss Ye? This is Alan. I was wondering when you would be available—I have some information that may interest you."

It took Holley a moment to recall that Alan was the general manager of a company of the average scale as Tarsan Corporation.

Because of his nasty habit of staring at women with creeping eyes and flirting with basically any woman he met, she already had a vague impression of the man. With such little business talent, chances were that he was simply a man slumbering in the tender land.

On that note, Holley wasn't inclined to meet Alan. Moreover, she didn't believe he knew of any crucial secret—he was simply making something up to take advantage of her.

"Oh, Mr. Zhao, I'd love to, but I'm really busy these days. Why don't you just tell me what it is over the phone?"

Even with her response, Alan wasn't phased—he was convinced that he could somehow make it happen.

"As for the secret, it's better to discuss it face to face. Talking over the phone isn't so convenient, is it? So, when are you available, Miss Ye?"

This time, Alan was completely certain that Holley would agree to come. Conquering such a woman sounded incredibly engaging.

Alan's little excuse sounded hilarious to Holley. 'Please, is there really anything that can't be discussed on the phone?' Without any more time to waste on him, Holley merely claimed to be busy and hung up the phone immediately.

Unsurprisingly, Holley didn't take it seriously and just we

xperiencing so many troubles back and forth, Leila began to truly believe that something was off. The medicine seemed to put her in a worse condition so she thought, perhaps, the problem was in the drug.

Perturbed, Leila called up the salesman. But even he explained that such reactions were only temporary. The medicine was smuggled from foreign countries so, in truth, he had no idea about its components. All he knew about was the abdominal pain that could occur after taking it.

Hearing his vague answers, Leila didn't believe the guy anymore. Judging from his ambiguous statements, she could tell that he was holding something back.

After she insisted on questioning him repeatedly, he got embarrassed enough to admit the drug's biggest side effect—it could lead to a woman's lifelong infertility.

'Lifelong infertility?!' Leila was outraged.

Almost crushing her cellphone in her hold, she was shocked speechless. Infinite fears came surging toward her like huge waves.

Never did she imagine that she would be given such outrageous news.

After all, what could be more damaging than infertility for a woman at her age who had not yet been married or given birth to a child?

Leila's face turned ashen as her lips trembled—she couldn't say a word.

Because she was frozen speechless, the guy on the other end of the line could only hear her gasps for air. Although he wanted to try and console her with kind words, he was too afraid that Leila would snap at him again so instead, he hung up at once.

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