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   Chapter 1286 Silly Woman

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Suddenly, it dawned on Rachel that the reason why Black wasn't interested in her was that Holley had gotten to him first and he was totally fascinated by her now. Rachel wondered what tricks Holley had used to make him so obedient to her.

As she brooded over her hatred toward Holley, a crazy idea slipped into her mind. 'What would a world without Holley be like?' she pondered. If Holley was no longer in the picture, then there would be nobody standing in her way.

Staring at the ground of the parking lot, Rachel daydreamed about this for a while. When Black and Holley got into the car, they left immediately, leaving Rachel in the spot alone.

She stood there for a long time and could feel panic start to consume her.

'Have I lost my chance to defeat Holley?' she wondered, feeling desperate.

Rachel felt like a broken doll, vulnerable to the wind and with nothing to keep her upright.

Suddenly, she remembered a man.

Alan Zhao of Goldstar Company.

She had sex with him in order to ensure the cooperation between their two companies. From then on, he had always wanted to sleep with her again. He sent her message after message requesting to date her, but she had rejected him, each time with a different excuse.

Now it seemed as though he was the last card in her hand.

Given that Alan Zhao was so infatuated with her, it was likely that she could persuade him to buy the share in Holley's hand for her. He wouldn't decline this small request.

After thinking over this new plan, Rachel called Alan Zhao immediately.

"Hello, is this Mr. Zhao? It's Rachel. I'm sorry I've been so busy. However, I'm free this evening if you'd like to meet up."

Having been rejected by Rachel so many times, Alan Zhao had become rather annoyed and lost interest in her. But Rachel's invitation caught him by surprise and aroused his interest once more.

"Oh, Rachel. Tonight will work perfectly. I'll ask my driver to pick you up," Alan Zhao said warmly.

"See you."

That evening, Alan Zhao's d

ived Rachel of her authority.

While his interest in Holley grew, Alan Zhao's desire for Rachel decreased. He was starting to become impatient with Rachel who could only complain to him.

Suddenly, he realized how silly Rachel was. As the CEO of the company, she shouldn't have been overpowered by her subordinate so easily. What was more ridiculous, Rachel hadn't even realized what was happening before it was too late. Alan Zhao couldn't help but assume that Rachel was simply a silly woman with a beautiful exterior.

But Holley was different. She was tricky, cunning and seemingly a very capable woman. Thinking about her, Alan Zhao couldn't help but smile lustfully.

Realizing Alan Zhao hadn't yet responded to her, Rachel snuggled closer to him and said sweetly, "Mr. Zhao, did you hear what I said?"

"Of course. You were framed by Holley and became her subordinate, right? What are you going to do now? Do you want to regain your position in the company?" Alan Zhao asked Rachel, his tone laced with indifference.

"I was hoping you could buy Holley's shares for me. Would you do that?" Rachel asked softly.

Looking at Rachel, Alan Zhao resisted his impulse to laugh at her. 'What a silly and clueless woman! Why would she think I'd spend so much energy and money just to buy the shares for her?' he mocked Rachel secretly.

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