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   Chapter 1285 Rachel's Intention

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Half an hour later, Rachel was ready to go out. She looked great in a black dress, which emphasized her curvy figure. Make-up was applied delicately. And, she completed her outfit with her favorite stiletto heels.

At the Hu Group

When the Hu Group became an empire, its building became one of the landmarks of the city. The view of the city from the top was breathtaking. As Rachel stepped out of her car, she realized that she had never taken a good look at it before.

After passing through the doors and the security, she walked to the concierge and smiled at the young lady standing behind the counter. "Good morning. I am Rachel Bai from the Tarsan Corporation. I'm here to meet Mr. Hu." Rachel beamed at the receptionist as she spoke.

Anyone who saw her flashing her best smile would be thinking of her being an apparition of an angel. And, the receptionist was not an exception. The young lady was so dazzled by Rachel's smiling face. Without hesitation, she picked up the phone and dialed Black's private line.

The call lasted only for a couple of seconds.

"Ms. Bai, Mr. Hu is already waiting for you in his office. Please proceed to the fifth floor."

"Thank you very much."

The person who answered the receptionist's call was no one but Black. When the phone rang, he already expected it to be Rachel coming to see him.

Whatever reason Rachel had in coming today was a mystery to him.

"Good morning, Mr. Hu. I am Rachel Bai. It's so nice to finally meet you!" Since it was their first meeting, Rachel acted accordingly. She gave him her best polite smile. It surprised her to see how young Black was. Knowing the wealth he amassed, she expected him to be in his mid-thirties or early forties.

In a flash, many thoughts crossed Rachel's mind.

"Nice to meet you too. So, may I have the honor to know why you came here?" Black was surprised to see Rachel. Thanks to Holley, he knew so much about her that he didn't have a good impression of her. Though he tried to look patient with her, inside his mind, he could not wait for the meeting to finish. His guard was up for any inappropriate antics the girl had up her sleeves.

"Well, I heard a lot about you. And, to be direct, I want to know why you didn't show up at the board meeting in the Tarsan Corporation the other day." Upon hearing her, Black already knew her intention. Whatever her agenda was, he was one hundred percent sure that Rachel failed during the board meeting. And, she came to see him in the hope of gaining his assistance to achieve her own interest.

He almost failed to hide his evil smirk. He concealed it by forcing a polite smile. Then, he answered blandly, "I happened to be busy that day. So I decided to skip that meeting."

Understanding the underlying meaning of Black's reply, Rachel knew that he had no intention of supporting her over the board matter. But, she didn't give up easily. Using her charms, she started to move

onvince the girl to leave Rachel alone, the male colleague couldn't stop himself from giving the ex-assistant a piece of advice.

"Have some nerves to speak up! Don't be a coward! She is no longer our general manager now! She doesn't have the right to order us to do whatever she wants anymore. Why should we still be sacred of her?" However, the ex-assistant couldn't help but continue to rant. But this time, with voice lowered down when she thought of that poor guy.

Meanwhile, in her office, Rachel walked back and forth, trying to calm herself. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not will herself to settle down. She was displeased with her new office. This was too small for her liking, and made her depressed. The smell also disgusted her.

To lift her spirit up, she picked up her phone and sent Black a message.

"Good morning, Mr. Hu. I found a very cozy restaurant nearby. Are you available this afternoon? Maybe we can have lunch there together."

A few minutes after sending the message, she was still not in the mood to work. Instead, her attention shifted to the phone, waiting for a reply.

Not even a single page was finished reading. She even tried to sleep. But still, no luck! Worse, there was no reply from Black. This almost made her die of boredom.

'Staying here is not also a good idea. I should probably just go home, ' she thought to herself, as she played with her face making different expressions. Then, she jumped to her feet, grabbed her handbag and left her office.

When she reached the parking lot, she spotted Black. She was really surprised to see him here. Before she could call him out, she saw Black approaching a woman and pulling her in his arms tightly. Rachel's mouth opened wide as shock registered. She was unable to speak nor move.

When the woman looked up at Black's handsome face, she clearly saw who she was. To her amazement, the woman Black was embracing firmly was no other than Holley!

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