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   Chapter 1284 Get Out Of Current Situation

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Knowing that Charles would drink porridge she made it for him, Sheryl couldn't help but feel elated and her face broke into a bright smile.

Half an hour later, the chicken porridge was done and Sheryl turned off the heat. As she made her way to the fridge to get some pickled radish, she heard Charles' car in the driveway.

Anxious to greet her husband, she rushed out of the kitchen and got to the front door. As she opened the door, she saw Charles emerge from his car.

The lights in the yard were dim so she couldn't get a clear glimpse of his facial expression. Watching excitedly as he approached the front door, Sheryl called out cheerfully, "Char—" But suddenly she couldn't find her voice.

The indifferent, stern look on his face made her falter.

Having lived with the man for years, she instantly knew how he was feeling judging by his facial expressions.

Right away, she knew that he was upset.

The cold look in his eyes not only showed his displeasure but also sent a message to everyone around him to keep their distance.

Pressing her lips tightly together, Sheryl silently observed her husband. She wanted to ask him what had happened, but decided it was best for her to swallow her question.

Pausing in front of her, Charles stood still, his cold gaze fixed on her.

In the past, when she had made a mistake, he would pretend to be angry and cast a cold, reproachful look at her, similar to this one.

But she could tell that he wasn't pretending this time. He was truly mad at her about something.

'What is he upset about?'

Sheryl asked herself, 'What did I do? Is he still angry at me for Melissa falling down the stairs?

Is he going to act this way because of that?'

Sheryl sighed to herself in disbelief. This was absolutely ridiculous. Despite the accident not even being her fault, she had apologized to Melissa, which had gone unaccepted. She had explained to Charles numerous times that it wasn't her fault.

Sheryl felt like an outsider in that house. When anything bad happened in Charles' family, she always took the blame, even though she had never done anything wrong. 'In Charles' eyes, his mother is

ernard did.

Rachel shook her head in an attempt to wipe that thought from her head.

Taking out her phone, Rachel opened WeChat, only to find the videos of the party held by Holley last night. It was the shareholders of Tarsan Corporation who had posted the videos and there were many reviews congratulating Holley.

As her eyes turned red with fury, the phone slipped from her hand and onto the ground.

"Holley Ye! This damn Holley Ye! I was so oblivious that I didn't realize how ambitious and evil she truly is.

Now I have no choice but to visit Black and try to butter him up to get his shares. That's the only way I'll be able to change the situation I'm in, ' she pondered. With a pensive expression, Rachel decided she would come up with a foolproof plan to win over Black.

She couldn't tolerate Holley being her superior, and she was impatient to get out of her current situation.

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She needed to pull herself together and not give up so easily. 'I must shoot my shot no matter how slim my chances are, ' she assured herself.

Wasting no time, Rachel went up to the wardrobe and began looking through her clothes, deciding what to wear.

'Today is my first time meeting Black. I must wear something that will make me look elegant and stunning. I need to impress him, ' she thought.

Finally, she found the perfect outfit—a blue strapless dress that would show off her shoulders.

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