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   Chapter 1283 The Supper

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Bernard had meticulously prepared Rachel some honey water. Seeing her drunken state, he carefully supported her to sit up on the bed comfortably, so he could help her take medicine with the honey water he previously concocted to clear the effect of the alcohol. Laying her down, he hastily made his way towards the bathroom to get her a warm towel to wipe her face clean.

There was sadness and longing in his eyes as he watched her settle contentedly in the bed. And despite the mix of sweat and tears, which ruined her make-up, he still found her enchanting, heartbreakingly enchanting.

While Rachel had immersed herself in sorrow, Holley and her employees were having a blast.

A grand and sumptuous banquet was currently hosted by her, where all the employees and the shareholders of Tarsan Corporation were invited. Everyone looked happy and relaxed at the festive celebration as soft music dominated the venue. Soon, the entire Tarsan Corporation was informed about the change of ownership of the company.

"First, I would like to thank everyone for taking your precious time to attend this celebration at short notice. From today onwards, I will be replacing Rachel, to be the CEO of the Tarsan Corporation. I am more than excited to consider this position. And in fact, I am looking forward to leading this successful company to greater heights. In the time ahead, I promise to do my best and progress with everyone here, to build a better Tarsan Corporation. Thank you!"

A thunderous round of applause filled the room after Holley ended her short but meaningful speech. Everyone welcomed the new boss.

Glancing around at the employees, she felt satisfied with their reaction. A contented smile was plastered on her face. Now, everyone was informed that Rachel had been ousted from her position. She wouldn't be able to enjoy her privileges and the respect of the company anymore.

In the middle of drinking and chatting, Holley felt everything happened was so unreal. She was totally in a daze. She still couldn't believe she finally realized her lifelong dream.

One by one, people came over to have a toast with her, and offered her non-stop congratulatory remarks, and she gladly drank with each one of them.

"Congratulations, Miss Ye. You are indeed a capable woman!"

She was praised by a shareholder who had sold his shares to Holley.


t tire yourself too much," Nancy nagged at her, worried for her health.

After Nancy went back to her own room, Sheryl stared at her phone and dreamily fell into her own thoughts.

She received a call from Charles, just after she had showered and was about to hit her bed.

He spoke in a level tone, which made it hard for her to figure out his true emotions. But nevertheless, she felt elated. It was the first time Charles called her after the accident happened with Melissa. For her, even though he didn't talk about any serious matter, nor did he say anything caring or sweet, she just felt contented with the fact that he had called her.

The moment the call was ended, she hurriedly put on her coat and bolted out of her room, and soon mentally planned to prepare him a delectable supper.

These past few days, he had been busy with both his company and his mother. Moreover, he wasn't even sleeping in his own house recently, and it was a really tough period.

As Sheryl concentrated in washing the vegetable, she was already contemplating about her plan in her heart that she would have a heart-to-heart talk with Charles. She wished to break the wall that was separating their hearts, and hoped that they would become close once again just like the way they were in the past.

A few minutes later, she was done cooking. She had prepared chicken porridge, which was easy to digest, and some sour radish that would act as an appetizer. She knew she had it planned well and believed that Charles would surely enjoy the meal. And she felt excited more than ever.

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