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   Chapter 1282 A Song For You

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"I do believe you. As for what happened last night, I don't blame you. It was my own choice," Holley said and blushed.

Suddenly, something seemed to have occurred to her. She hastily got up from the bed, grabbed her scattered clothes, and got dressed.

"Oops! We'll have a board meeting tomorrow, but I haven't prepared relative documents and share certificates." Naturally, she brought up the meeting as she had planned.

As she headed straight for the door, Black also got up from the bed and hugged her from behind.

"Don't worry. You have me. I'll transfer my shares to you," he assured her.

"Is that so? It's too nice of you!" Holley exclaimed. She turned to face him, joyfully returned his hug and pretended to be touched by his words. Her arms wrapped tightly around his waist in a sweet gesture of gratitude, but her mind was in another place.

The next day that Holley had long waited for finally came. Confidently and impeccably dressed, she calmly waited in the conference room by herself.

When Rachel strutted into the meeting room, she was shocked to find that only she and Holley were there. 'All of the shareholders are supposed to attend the meeting, but only Holley and I are here. Did they reschedule it?' she wondered as she took a seat.

"Ms. Bai, you're wondering why the other shareholders didn't come, aren't you?" Holley asked. "I'm sure you'll know what's up after you see this." With that, Holley pushed the paper across the desk to Rachel.

Meanwhile, Rachel felt a bad foreboding when she noticed the smirk on Holley's lips.

She quickly opened the document, only to find that the dramatic changes in the proportion among the shareholders.

At present, Holley was the biggest shareholder with a 40% stake of Tarsan Corporation, while Rachel was the second-biggest shareholder.

Rachel's face immediately blanched when she saw the numbers. She was so shocked that she repeatedly flipped over the document with trembling hands.

'What's going on?' she thought.

Rachel looked down on her because Holley didn't have any shares in the company back then. Even though Holley had an excellent performance at work, Rachel never expected Holley to be a threat to her one day.

In Rachel's eyes, Holley was simply her errand girl.

Now, the tables had turned and she couldn't believe what she saw.

At this point, she truly regretted helping Holley get out of prison. 'Looks like she

d at her heart. "Fine. Now that you want to drink, I'll join you," Bernard agreed.

He gave back the wine glass to Rachel, and asked the bartender for a bucket of beer. When the bucket arrived, he uncorked a bottle and started to drink without saying a word. It seemed like drowning in alcohol could make him forget all his bitter and sad feelings.

They drank until midnight, and then Bernard staggered out of the bar with Rachel in his arms. She stopped crying, and he broke the silence.

"I want to sing a song for you, Rachel," Bernard said gently before he started to sing. It was the first time that he had sung a song for someone.

Even in the peaceful night, he was in no mood to appreciate the beautifully bright moon. All he wanted was to make his beloved girl happy and forget all the miserable things.

"Take me to your heart, take me to you soul, give me your hand before I'm old.

Show me what love is, haven't got a clue. Show me that wonders can be true.

They say nothing lasts forever. We're only here today.

Love is now or never. Bring me far away. Take me to your heart, take me to your soul. Give me your hand and hold me. Show me what love is, be my guiding star. It's easy, take me to your heart…"

At that moment, it was only the two of them. No problems, no other people.

His soulful voice reverberated throughout the empty street, and made the night a bit lovelier.

After that, Bernard drove Rachel home and escorted her to her unit. Afraid that she might have a headache later, he went down to a nearby pharmacy. He bought some medicine before he went back to her condo.

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