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   Chapter 1281 Long Night

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In Bernard's head, though, Holley didn't really have to thank him for anything. It wasn't like he was doing it for her—he was simply helping Rachel.

"I remember I told my colleague, Rachel, to contact you. Is everything alright?" Holley tentatively asked. She presumed that Bernard and Rachel were, at the very least, acquaintances.

'I don't think it's a smart move to hire him if he's attracted to Rachel. He could end up speaking for her…' Holley thought.

Not wanting to expose his feelings for Rachel, he merely said "yes" and nothing more.

Hearing that, Holley told herself that Rachel really wasn't so special to him and that she needn't be worried about anything.

"Well, sometimes, Rachel can't control her emotions and has bursts of anger. It's not so easy for you to get on with her, I assume? Maybe it's us who have spoiled her," Holley smiled and said.

Bernard's facial expression changed in a blink. Luckily, for him, Holley didn't even notice it.

Eventually, he came to realize that Holley didn't like Rachel at all—she probably even hated her. If it weren't because of that, she wouldn't try to put Rachel to shame before someone unfamiliar.

As he could recall, Rachel once did all she could to save Holley and almost lost her life when she managed to collect evidence. It seemed like it was nothing to Holley. 'What a kind and foolish girl she is…' Bernard thought.

Feeling too tired to speak with her, he just walked away. The action didn't seem unusual for his cool and quiet character, so Holley didn't think that anything was wrong.

Now, Holley enjoyed some good news—many shareholders she secretly contacted were willing to transfer their shares to her.

After her constant mergers and acquisitions, Holley's stocks increased up to forty percent, which happened to be five percent more than Rachel's. Five percent!

For Holley, the achievement was something to be celebrated. Her persistent efforts were finally paying off and she believed that it could be the day she had been waiting for for so long—her dream was nearly a reality. How could she not be giddy with excitement?

Unless Rachel could acquire Black's stocks, Rachel wouldn't possibly be able to fight back at that time. Regardless, she wasn't expecting that Holley had already made a ver

orning, Black was stunned in shock when he woke up. Although he was naked and saw Holley lying naked beside him, he had no recollection about the previous night. Of course, anyone could figure out what happened with that picture he woke up to.

As Black grudgingly sat up, he did remember some good moments the shared. Getting up made him too dizzy and he thought, 'It must be a hangover. I drank too much last night.'

Finally awake, Holley sat up and opened her eyes. When the quilt slipped off her shoulders, she seemed to have realized what happened the previous night, making her shout in surprise and wrap the quilt around her again.

When she turned to look at Black, she had tears in her eyes. Since he was already awake, he could look at her attentively. 'It's okay, Holley, ' he thought. 'I won't leave you and I'll do my best to protect you.'

As sobs started escaping her lips, Black turned to her and looked her in the eye.

"Holley…I'm so sorry about last night. It was my fault. I drank too much…so I really don't know what happened. But please trust me, Holley, I love you. I've loved you since the first time I met you. Now that we've been so close to each other, would you accept me as your boyfriend? I swear…I'll do anything for you, Holley. I love you."

Turning to face him, she looked at him tearfully. It wasn't now that Holley could really relax.

Now, Holley was absolutely certain that Rachel would never find any way to fight her back and match her—the last life-saving straw was on her side.

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