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   Chapter 1280 Mischief Making

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Instead of speaking directly, Irina beat around the bush, annoying Melissa even further than she already was.

Noticing the other's impatience, Irina leaned in close to say, "Earlier this morning, I saw Sheryl with a young man I've never seen before. They looked rather intimate. They were sitting very close to each other—whispering things. I couldn't hear them clearly, but I vaguely heard them mentioning Charles. And that's not all—before they parted, the man grabbed Sheryl's hands. They looked at each other as if… as if they were lovers! I think—"

"What?! What did you just say?" Melissa abruptly interrupted her. Anger consumed her. How could Sheryl do that behind Charles' back? 'We haven't even completely driven her away from the Lu family, yet she just couldn't wait to cheat on her husband? Shameless cunt!' Melissa cursed her strongly in her heart.

The news left Melissa feeling utterly anxious and irritated. If Sheryl had been more discreet, they could probably turn a blind eye to it. But she didn't expect her to be so shameless as to flaunt her affair out in public. Worst of all, Irina saw them—she always had a big mouth. Who knew what she would say to other people? There was no question that Sheryl disgraced the whole Lu family.

"Mrs. Huang, regarding this issue…" Suddenly, Melissa hesitated as she considered how to convince Irina to keep her mouth shut about the scandal.

Meanwhile, Irina gloated inside as she witnessed Melissa's flustered expression. She was an arrogant woman in front of her, someone who was used to always bossing people around, and Irina finally got the upper hand. After revealing the information she had, Melissa would owe her a favor for keeping the scandal secret.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Lu. You're the only other one who knows about it. I promise I won't tell anybody else. I came here today to tell you about it because we're friends. I suggest you be prepared for it…Just in case anything happens, of course. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, you're right, Mrs. Huang. Thank you so much!" Melissa exclaimed.

"But frankly speaking, a woman like Sheryl doesn't deserve your son at all. Does he know of her affair? What will he think of her now? Mrs. Lu, you must protect your family's name. You can't let Sheryl get away with this! I say—"

"I will handle the matters regardin

red her head. "Black, I don't want things to go so fast. Please give me some time, won't you?"

Luckily, Black was smart enough to understand what she really meant. Not wanting to push her too much, he resigned and nodded with a smile.

With that, Holley turned around and finally entered the building. As soon as she left, Black began to plan for their next date.

Even if they hadn't officially talked about it, Black considered them to be in a proper relationship. A girlfriend like Holley was more than he could ever imagine—she was both beautiful and capable, and the mere thought of her made him smile.

Unfortunately for Black, Holley never truly saw him as a boyfriend. The entire thing was merely one of her tactics, and he swallowed the bait too easily. While he considered their date to be the beginning of their loving relationship, Holley simply put on a good show.

The next day, Holley had to stay at work until very late. It suddenly occurred to her that she hadn't yet paid Bernard for his services. Thanks to the evidence he procured, she got out of jail time. Feeling grateful to him once again, she called Bernard to meet.

In the afternoon, when Holley met him, his expression was as solemn and serious as usual.

Without any small talk or niceties, Holley directly transferred the payment to him without telling him that she put in a little extra more than she initially promised.

"Bernard, thank you for the evidence. Without it, I would probably still be in prison," Holley said.

Without a word, he merely nodded.

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