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   Chapter 1279 What Is It

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Holley took her time walking out of the main entrance of the Tarsan Corporation. She didn't want any sweat to ruin her make-up, so she kept her grace.

As soon as the rolling doors closed behind her, she caught sight of Black, leaning against his car. He was wearing a plain, blue sleeves that was folded right before his elbows and a simple pair of dark blue, almost black denim pants, which made him look dashing. Holley ignored this thought and continued to walk towards him.

As soon as Black saw Holley, he stood up straight, his eyes lighting up and sparkling. There was an obvious sense of admiration written all over his face as he felt his heart start to race faster, but he ignored it and started to make his way towards her in haste.

"Holley, hey!" Black called out affectionately, his eyes still stuck on her like glue.

Holley lowered her head and smiled shyly as she met him halfway in her four-inch high heels. She flashed him a timid smile before saying, "Did I keep you waiting for so long? I'm really sorry. I just got off work."

"No, no, it's all right. I just arrived here really. Are you hungry? Let's go and eat first before the movie. I already made a reservation at a restaurant that I figured you might love," he replied nervously. It wasn't the first time that they had spent time together, and yet he was still anxious and jittery around Holley. It was not until she was close to him that he truly noticed how Holley looked. She had dressed in a way that Black felt she gave much importance to their date like he did. Because of that, his smile reached from ear to ear, and his mood was raised up once more.

Black came back to his senses and said, "I'm sorry. I just can't help but stare at you. You look beautiful, Holley. I hope you know that."

After hearing his compliment, Holley lowered her head down and bashfully tucked loose hair behind her ear. A smile made way out on her face. She then looked away to avoid meeting his keen eyes on purpose. It worked, because Black thought that she was as nervous as he was, making him think that she was also interested in him.

Black then escorted Holley towards the car and opened the door for her. As soon as both of them were settled, Black drove to a high building, of which a fancy revolving restaurant was perched on the highest floor. Their table was by the French window, so that they could overlook the mesmerizing scene of the city below them.

Black stared at Holley, who was smiling shyly back at him. There was a few candles flickering on the table, and a man wearing a tuxedo was playing the violin just near them. It wasn't long until the romantic atmosphere had completely enveloped the two of them.

After a waiter poured wine in their glasses and left, Black raised his glass and proposed a toast to Holley. "A toast for the beautiful night, Holley."

"A toast for the wonderful candlelit dinner," Holley followed with a smile before clinking her glass with his.

Their eyes met, and as if they were the only ones in this world, their gaze locked on each other and they immersed themselves with the atmosphere that lingered between them.

After taking a sip of each of their wine, they placed their glasses down on the table gently, filling in the great taste of expensive wine. Holley decided to play coy and kept her hand on her wine glass, staring at the flavorful liquid. Black kept his stare at the bashful maiden, and without any hesitation, he reached his hand out slowly and caught hers on the table. At this moment, the violinist near them and the other people who took a glance at them could see the good chemistry between the couple.

Holley just gave Black a quick glance after this gesture and smiled bashfully with her eyes avoiding to meet his. It was not long after that Holley finally held his hand back. Black could feel his cheeks warm, and seeing the shy and warm look in her eyes, Black was certain that he could hear his rapid heartbeat.

After the satisfying and lovely dinner, the two didn't spend much time at the restaurant any longer. They headed straight

lissa's attitude right now in secret. After concluding that her friend was in her right state of mind, she was very much relieved.

Irina grabbed a piece of fruit with a skewer out of courtesy, and when she was satisfied, she spoke. "I came here to see you after hearing about your accident. How are you feeling, Mrs. Lu? I'm more at ease now seeing you obviously recovering."

Melissa knew what was on Irina's mind immediately. They had played mahjong together frequently, so Melissa knew how much Irina was big about gossiping. 'Irina must have learned about my fight with Sheryl, so she came here not to check up on me but to figure out what was really going on, ' the patient speculated. Deep inside, Melissa scoffed at the face of this woman. Then again, Irina was still her friend.

"Oh, I'm fine now, and I can also walk again. In fact, I was told that I can already be sent home, but Charles insisted that I should stay here until I fully recovered. Well, basically, that's it," Melissa replied with a casual shrug. Besides letting her know about her condition, she also wanted to let Irina know how much her son cared about her.

"Oh, I'm so envious of you. Even though Mr. Lu has lots of work to do, he still has time to take care of you. You have such a good son, my dear friend, but..." Irina replied and paused.

She stopped in purpose, so Melissa could urge her on curiously. "But what? Go ahead," Melissa said.

"But, it's about your son's wife, Sheryl Xia. Let me guess. She hasn't visited you lately, has she?" Irina led to the topic to the reason for her visit while placing the fruit down back on the plate.

Upon hearing Sheryl's name, Melissa felt her anger rise inside her once more. But since Irina was around, she made sure her face didn't betray her true feelings. With a scoff, she said, "What do you expect? Although she is my daughter-in-law, she clearly doesn't care about me at all. Even my friend treats me better than she does." Melissa rolled her eyes after she said this.

As for Irina, she had known long before that Melissa detested her daughter-in-law. If her friend was fond of her son's wife, she wouldn't have bothered to come here and snitch on Sheryl. She then put on a troubled look on her face before she started, "Well, Mrs. Lu, there is something that I am still not sure of if I should let you know..."

Irina's expression and the tone of her voice perked the interest of Melissa. She was already losing hope about her son divorcing Sheryl, now if Irina had something on Sheryl that she might use against her, she was very much willing to listen to whatever this gossiper was going to say. Without letting Irina finish, Melissa asked impatiently, "Tell me. What is it?"

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