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   Chapter 1277 Mrs. Huang

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"Nick, why are you here?" Sheryl asked in surprise as she walked up to Nick.

A tinge of clear awkwardness flashed across his face. Putting on a smile, he answered, "I had something going on and just happened to pass by here. I saw you near the school so I thought I'd stop and say hi."

Heaving a sigh of relief in his heart, he felt lucky he prepared an explanation before he arrived—he wanted to make sure that when Sheryl asked, he would sound natural enough.

It would seem that he succeeded as Sheryl didn't even give it a second thought. After all, she had no reason to think that Nick was doing anything wrong.

"How's the company been? How are you? You're not overworking yourself, are you? Remember, you should take care of your health first." As if on instinct, her care for Nick started surfacing.

Her concern for him was rather touching. "There has been some progress with regard to the project. Sher, you don't have to worry about my health. How about you? You seem a bit tired. Did you get enough sleep last night?"

Upon hearing his words, Sheryl fell into sudden silence. Dolefulness crept onto her face. Her lips mildly parted, but eventually, she didn't say her true feelings out. Suppressing her sorrow, she answered, "I'm fine. I just had a late night. Oh, right, you said you had something going on, didn't you? You should get back to that. I have to go home now." Not wanting to talk about what really happened, she quickly switched the topic.

Still, Nick could sense that she was hiding something. Although he had no intention of prying anything out of her, he wanted to keep her company. "Sher, it's been a long time since we last saw each other. Shall we get some breakfast together? I haven't had any yet. I think I'm feeling a little light with my empty stomach now, so I should grab a bite."

With exaggeration, he furrowed his eyebrows to feign a stomachache.

That was enough for Sheryl—when it came to his health, she was always a worrier. With a nod, she agreed to go with him and let her driver know where she was going before hopping into Nick's car.

Before long, the car stopped at a restaurant.

It was a popular breakfast spot so they arrived at a busy time. The place was full of people eating and chatting away.

Even though it was an ideal atmosphere for breakfast, Nick found it rather unfortunate. What he really wanted was a quiet place where he could have a nice, intimate chat with Sheryl about what she was going through. As it tu

ationships with others. But with Irina, she managed to downgrade a little bit to make friends.

The moment Sheryl stepped into the restaurant, Irina took notice of her. Having been involved with the Lu family a number of times, she could easily identify Sheryl. Finding it strange that Sheryl was having breakfast with an unfamiliar man, she paid extra attention to the pair.

Even though she couldn't hear what they were talking about, she could clearly see that the man was holding Sheryl's hand—astonishingly, Sheryl didn't even show any discontent. Instead, she seemed to be moved by the gesture. The picture struck Irina in shock.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up in intrigue. It took her everything not to get closer to the two and eavesdrop on their conversation. With that information, she could surely gain Melissa's approval.

The exact cause was still unknown, but Irina had heard about Melissa's accident of falling down the stairs and being hospitalized. Although she was planning to visit her friend, she heard that Melissa wasn't in a very stable emotional state. It wasn't surprising, though, as she was aware that Melissa was bad-tempered at this time—she was still venting her anger toward her daughter-in-law, Sheryl.

Now with a huge secret at her disposal, she couldn't wait to see Melissa and tell her what she had just discovered.

As Irina got up from her seat, ready to leave, Nick made sure to console Sheryl and put her at ease. It was then when Sheryl realized that she shouldn't keep troubling Nick. Coming to her senses, she got up to pay the bill before getting ready to leave as well. Right at this moment, Irina came into view.

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