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   Chapter 1276 I Can Give You A Ride

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 10260

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Black had heard so much about Holley from his elders ever since he had been abroad. They said that this woman had outstanding and remarkable talent in the business area. They mentioned how much she contributed to Tarsan Corporation, and that if it weren't for her, Rachel's company would have gone bankrupt.

He looked around, sweeping his gaze throughout the crowd inside the booth. As soon as his eyes landed on Holley, his gaze stayed on her. Truth be told, he had been stealing her glances every now and then. In those times he did, he was able to observe that Holley was taking pictures of those men who were flirting and having fun with the hot girls in their arms.

Not long after, those people exited the booth, leaving Holley and Black alone.

Holley looked at her shots when she felt another presence in the booth. As a matter of fact for her as well, she had been observing Black discreetly, glancing only at him when he turned his eyes away. She concluded that he was the unpredictable kind of man. He was young and charming, yes, but Holley knew that outside appearances could be deceiving if not real. This time, however, she felt him staring at her.

Then again, it was her principle not to go near or associate herself with people beyond her control, and she never failed to follow it no matter how tempting it was to get to know him.

Before standing up from her seat and heading straight towards the exit, she turned to look at him. As soon as she caught his eyes, she flashed a subtle smile at the man.

As for Black, the smile caught him off guard, leaving him falling for that enchanting beam. His mind took him elsewhere, and when he finally came back to his senses not a moment longer, Holley was nowhere to be seen. Panicking, he jumped to his feet and hurried out of the booth, hoping that he would still be able to catch up to Holley.

Meanwhile, Holley hailed a taxi just right outside at the entrance of the hotel.

The vehicle stopped in front of her, and as she was about to get into it, a loud voice reached her ears, calling out her name.

"Miss Ye! Wait!"

Holley turned around and immediately caught sight of Black, running towards her.

Her eyes fell on the handsome Black and stuck like glue, making her heart race. Finally, Black reached her. He was standing tall in front of her, his shadow casting a long shade on the ground. As she stared at his well-structured face, her mind started to fly elsewhere.

Deep inside, Holley was convinced that Charles was the only one she loved. She never fooled around with other men unless she had to.

She knew that this rapid heartbeat wasn't because she fell for Black. All she wanted from him was to get his shares in Tarsan Corporation. Moreover, there was no doubt that this promising, rich man admiring her made her feel good inside, because it was something she didn't get from anyone else.

Rachel claimed that she was in love with Charles, but she never refused to have intimate relationships with other men, making Holley think that her boss did not truly love Cha

her, he couldn't help but feel slightly upset. He felt like something was missing in him.

'I won't deny that I like this woman. In the past years, I have dated many women, but she is for sure the most special one I have met, and I will make sure to have her, ' he resolved before getting back into his car and drove home with a determined look on his face.

Meanwhile, the next morning, Sheryl drove with the kids in her back seat. Not long after, she stopped the car as soon as they arrived at Eton Kindergarten. Before she let them go, she helped them put on their bags on their backs.

Sheryl watched her two kids walk towards the gate where their teachers were greeting the children. Clark and Shirley waved at her as they entered the gate.

"Mom, look! The weather is good. Have a good day!" Clark cried out before he walked any further inside.

These caring words touched Sheryl's heart. She managed to give out a slight smile, nodding back at her son.

As soon as the kids were inside the building and out of her sight, Sheryl looked up at the vast, blue sky.

'The weather really is good. The sky is crystal blue with white fluffy clouds, floating way over our heads. Indeed, it is beautiful, ' she remarked, completely entranced by the fascinating scene of nature. She closed her eyes and heaved a deep sigh, taking in the fresh air around her.

Suddenly, the sound of a loud horn broke her reverie.

Her eyes immediately opened, and her eyebrows arched. 'How rude of someone to honk near a kindergarten!' she wondered. She followed the direction where the noise came from, spotting a car just a few blocks away from the school. She narrowed her eyes to see Nick, who was smiling just inside the car.

"Sher!" Nick shouted, waving at her.

His appearance took Sheryl by surprise. As she came back to her senses, she headed straight towards him.

It had been such a long while since Sheryl saw Nick, and she thought perhaps, talking with him again might make her feel better and ease her mood up even just a little.

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