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   Chapter 1275 For A Woman

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"What brings you here, Isla? It's so late now. Did you drive here all by yourself?" Nick asked in a worried tone as he put the teapot on the table.

Seeing that Nick was as gentle as a girl, Isla couldn't help laughing and said, "It's only been a few days since we last met, but you've become so wordy!"

Embarrassed, Nick lowered his head. Although she was right about the fact that he was changed by a woman, he was unwilling to tell Isla about it.

Recently, Cassie had been making daily trips to his house to bring him delicious soup. She was also considerate enough to often do house cleaning.

Every morning before he headed for work, Nick would always look around his house. His house suddenly made him feel he was in a strange place. Although each of the furnishings here was very familiar to him, he always had a strange feeling when he looked at them as a whole.

After spending a lot of time with Cassie, Nick found himself unconsciously influenced by her. He was now more caring and considerate of others. And now that he was facing Isla, who was more like part of his family, he naturally behaved like a gentleman.

Isla stared at Nick, his cheeks now pink, as he avoided her eyes. Seeing Nick look embarrassed, Isla decided to stop teasing him anymore. Then, at the thought of something unpleasant, she couldn't help sighing.

"What's wrong? Why the sudden cloud in your eyes?" Nick asked in surprise, raising his head. His earlier expression had now been replaced by a worried look.

"It's because of Sher. She's been in trouble lately," Isla explained.

Anxious, Nick asked, "What's the matter? She never mentioned anything."

"Do you still not know her personality by now? She is not someone who complains about others. She would rather swallow her anger whenever someone does her wrong. Even if Sher and I work in the same company, she has never opened up to me. She won't tell me what has happened to her. But as you know, other people talk. And so I've heard that she's been in big trouble lately..."

"What exactly is the problem?" Nick immediately asked, his forehead creased with worry.

Seeing that Nick was so concerned, Isla felt that she made the right decision to come to him. She knew that Sheryl was likely to keep the secret from her. After all, two women were mutually exclusive. Besides, they knew each other too well because they saw each other very often. On the contra

s. If you don't feel convenient, you can also go to find another place to continue. As for the shares, please consider my offer again. I'm waiting for your good news."

Upon hearing that she was leaving, the shareholders all began to smile, a lewd look on their faces. Nodding absentmindedly, they continued flirting with the women in their arms. Instantly, the room was filled with an erotic atmosphere. It seemed like the monsters in them had just been freed as they continued with their shameless and lustful acts.

As soon as Holley left, the men became more brazen. They started teasing the women lewdly while saying nasty things ceaselessly. A few minutes later, they all tacitly took away the women in their arms and took them to a nearby hotel.

After everyone else had walked out, the only one left was a calm young man who had been sitting in a corner.

His name was Black Hu, the current general manager of the Hu Group. As the only son of the president of the Hu Group, he was destined to succeed his father sooner or later and acquire a higher status. According to news, this handsome young man became the general manager of the Hu Group as soon as he had returned from abroad. Undoubtedly, the current leader of the Hu Group was very satisfied with how he had been performing.

At the moment, an enigmatic smile creeped on Black Hu's face. Indifferent to the earlier lascivious scene in the room, he was sitting calmly in the corner.

In his eyes, the vulgar scene earlier in the room was so disgusting.

In fact, he also came here tonight just for a woman.

And that woman was Holley!

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