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   Chapter 1274 You Have To Pay For That

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Rachel's proposal was wonderful. That was true. But she had underestimated the risks involved.

Holley's, on the contrary, was conservative. According to her, the future of this project was still uncertain. What was more, the lack of funds was a real headache for them. Even if they had decided to move the project forward, they would not be able to manage it.

Given such considerations, Holley could only try to persuade Rachel to change her mind and give up on the project. She couldn't let Rachel put the whole company into trouble because of her recklessness. She wouldn't just sit and watch as everything went down the drain.

But Rachel was always used to getting her own way. She turned a deaf ear to any advice. Besides, the one who disagreed with her was Holley!

'How dare she work against me!' sneered Rachel silently. 'Did she forget that it was me who helped her get out prison?

How ungrateful!' Rachel felt disgust.

Ignoring Rachel's anger, Holley kept explaining her ideas. She laid her points with clarity. She knew that Rachel refused to listen to her advice. But she had to be firm, because one wrong move could ruin the whole company. She wouldn't allow her to put all their hard work to waste.

Rachel looked fierce. She was at her breaking point. She rose and strode towards Holley. She bridled at Holley's offensive remarks.

"Holley Ye, you should learn to walk away from things that don't concern you. Do I need to remind you on who the boss is? It's me. I am the general manager of this company. Who do you think you are to contradict me? Please excuse me for being blunt. But you are nothing but a dog and I am your master!"

Holley's face was ashen. Rachel's words cut her to the quick. She suddenly felt lightheaded, and her heart began to palpitate. For a moment, she almost forgot how to breathe.

Holley was silent for a moment. She quickly adjusted her expression and managed to put on a smile. She hid all her resentment and unwillingness. She just took a step back and tolerated Rachel's insult.

Revenge is a dish that could be eaten cold. She would surely get back at Rachel one day. Since Rachel believed she was her dog, she would let her live a life worse than that of a dog someday.

"Sorry, Ms. Bai. It was my fault. I knew I had

their prey, eyes filled with desire.

Holley took out her phone, pretending to be reading news. But she secretly photographed the scene in the room. She made sure that the faces of these shareholders and what they were doing could be seen clearly.

Most of the employees had already gone home, but the room at the end of the hallway was still well lit. It was the office of the CEO of Lansh Technology.

Shutting down his laptop, Nick finally stretched his arms and leaned back on his chair. It was getting late and he could already see the street lights outside as they flickered on from his window. A day's work tired him down. He passed a hand wearily over his eyes.

Suddenly, the phone rang. The call was from the lobby.

Nick immediately picked up the receiver.

"Mr. Ge, you have a visitor," the receptionist announced.

Nick was surprised. Who would visit him at this time? Almost everyone in the office had already left.

"Who is it?" he asked.

Hardly had Nick's voice faded away when a woman laughed at the other side of the telephone. "Nick! It's me, Isla! It's only been a few days since I last saw you, and you've already forgotten me?" she joked.

"Isla!" Nick replied after a pause. "What a surprise! Please come to my office," he invited. He then asked the receptionist to lead her to him.

After several minutes, his door opened and Isla stepped in. She greeted him with a smile.

Nick stood up and welcomed her with great hospitality. As she sat down, he poured her a cup of hot tea.

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