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   Chapter 1273 Bright Future

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As Rachel listened to Lanny's extravagant compliments, she couldn't help feeling proud in her heart.

"Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Huang. I'd like to propose a toast to you. Your support means a lot to my company," Rachel said as she raised up her wine glass.

Holley also followed her action. "Mr. Huang, I'd like to propose a toast to you, too. We are looking forward to a bright future as both our companies work together." Holley drank off the wine.

They all had a good mood after a few drinks. Lanny squinted at Rachel's sexy boobs. He sat closer to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

Rachel didn't resist his offensive behavior. But since Holley was also there, she couldn't feel at ease.

Holley was smart enough to take this as her cue. She sneered in her mind and then pretended to be drunk so that she could take the opportunity away.

"Mr. Huang, Ms. Bai, I'm so sorry. I'm a little tipsy so I have to go to the washroom. Please excuse me," Holley said before she took her leave. When she went out, she closed the door for the two.

As soon as Holley left, Lanny didn't waste time and pulled Rachel into his arms. He didn't move further though, as he was not sure about Rachel's attitude yet.

However, Rachel only struggled slightly in the beginning. Since Lanny didn't let go of her, she leaned on him obediently. He took this as a green light, and a wide grin came across his face.

Lanny's hands fumbled about her body. Soon he touched her soft and plump breasts, massaging them with his hands which made her groan. Lanny was so excited that he rubbed them vigorously. He felt her nipples went hard as he flicked on them, which made Rachel scream and tremble.

Lanny pressed the back of Rachel's head towards him and kissed her lips. She did not resist, which pleased him even more.

He pushed her down on the sofa. His weight pressed over her as he locked her in his arms. Rachel closed her eyes and let Lanny's tongue explore in her mouth.

Lanny's kiss was impetuous and rude. He was clearly taking advantage of her. Rachel frowned and tolerated his wild behavior. However, she couldn't help feeling bitter in her heart.

If only the man on top of her was Charles! The thought of it made her excited. She returned his kisses, and held him closer.

Some time later, Holley knocked on the door.

Rachel was startled, she immediately pushed Lanny away from h

all of them agreed to attend the dinner. After all the calls, Holley was even more convinced about her upcoming victory.

She hummed a happy tune as she went into the kitchen. She stopped to look at her reflection from the glass window. The girl was beautiful, young and competent.

She had suffered so much during those years. She had tossed and turned every single night because of her fear of the unknown risks in the future. Tonight she decided to finally take a rest and make a delicious dinner for herself.

At the same time, Rachel was also thinking of the 5% share she had given to Holley. She regretted that she was too kind to Holley. But on second thought, by doing this she could get her loyalty in return. She was convinced that it was indeed a great deal. Any way, it was not much. Even if Holley got 5% company share, she wouldn't be able to make any difference in the company.

The next day when they met in the company, they greeted each other as usual. Neither of them knew that each was dreaming different dreams. Dreams that would shatter each other in the process.

Their peace got disturbed as a conflict between them arose later that afternoon. Apparently, they each had totally opposite opinions regarding a project, and both insisted that they were right.

Rachel wanted to invest all their cash flow in a project in the west city region. Since the company was struggling for survival now, she thought that they might be able to make great profit from this project even though it would require a lot of investment. This project was promising, and they shouldn't miss it.

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